Evidson Supreme Audio X55 Review: Good sound quality but little outdated

The new Evidson Supreme Audio X55 was recently launched in India at a reasonable price of Rs. 549. The earbuds which are available in black color comes with an inline remote which is used for answering phone calls and playing music. The product can be ordered from Amazon and Flipkart. It is also readily accessible in offline retail shops.

Box Contents

  • Earphones with mic
  • Two pairs of foam air tips

Even though this earphone offers a balanced sound at a reasonable price range, I was not quite happy with its fit. Unlike its predecessor which was a perfect fit, the newly launched earphone lacks both style and fit.

Evidson X55 (1)


The Evidson Supreme Audio X55 have a 1.2m long rubber cable which is a perfect fit for tiny ears. The cable quality is certainly good and does not tangle like its previous products. The cable rarely gets tangled and at the end of it is an L-shaped gold-plated 3.5 mm headphone jack. The earbud is made of average quality plastic, but there is nothing in the design that can attract customer to buy it.


The earbud offers sensitivity of 115 dB at 1mW and uses neodymium drivers. The frequency response ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz and has a rated impedance of 32 ohms. I tested this earbud on a number of devices, and the sound quality was surprisingly good.

It has a balanced sound signature where the mid and the highs are quite clear. Even though the music and the neutrality are beautiful, it does not have noise isolation, which is not expected from an earphone at this price range.

Evidson Audio Sport W6(1)

Also for all the bass lovers, this is not a preferable earphone because the bass and the sub-bass is not very clear in the earbuds.


  • Good sound quality
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Two pairs of foam ear tips


  • Not meant for all ear type
  • Low Bass


Evidson Supreme Audio X55 is surely a nice product but didn’t live up to my expectations. Not only is the headphone not meant for all the ear types but also there is low bass and no noise cancellation. Though we can’t really complain about the sound quality. There are so many better products with a little difference in price which you can grab.

But for all the people who are still nostalgic about earbuds, I would recommend them to go for this product. Sure it does not have a good bass quality, but the sound quality is nice. As I have said it earlier, at this price range what else can you expect?