Home News Enjoy World Television Day this 21st Nov. with these world-class Samsung TVs

Enjoy World Television Day this 21st Nov. with these world-class Samsung TVs

Television has long ceased to be just a device that serves as a means of entertainment. Rather, it has also emerged as your window to the world outside. Seeing its role in keeping us informed of all that’s happening around us, which includes issues of national importance as well, it also has a special day – 21st November dedicated to it by the United Nations General Assembly.

Mentioned here are some of the best smart TVs from Samsung that aren’t only about incredible picture quality or the advanced technology working behind the scenes but make a strong style statement as well.

Samsung QLED Televisions

The Samsung QLED TV series makes for a premium range of smart TVs that aren’t just about the breath-taking display but are remarkably well designed too so that those can up the style quotient of any room where it is placed. The incredible display has much to do with the Quantum Dot technology that delivers optimum levels of brightness while depicting deeper and brighter levels of colors.

Another huge positive with the Samsung QLED TV range happens to be the Object Tracking Sound (OTS) and Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) technology that it comes with and which provides for a cinematic voice experience right at home. This also enhances the functionality of the new Bixby and Alexa feature on One Remote Control so that you will now be able to communicate with all connected devices via voice commands. This, in turn, negates the requirements of additional and often complex intermediary setups.

The Frame TV

The Frame TV from Samsung takes the TV viewing experience to another level altogether. For it just isn’t a Smart TV but also a platform for showcasing art forms as well. At its core, the Frame relies on QLED technology which ensures incredible colours, sharp contrast along with 100 percent colour volume.

A unique feature of the Frame TV series and the reason it got its name in the first place is that the bezels of the smart TV are also customizable as well. Here there are different colour options to choose from to match the surroundings. What’s more, Samsung also provides owners of The Frame TV series access to more than 1,400 art pieces to be displayed on the TV. Such art pieces can be used to light up the room when none is watching TV.


The Premiere

The Premiere is not a smart TV but is a new generation projector that can create a theatre-like experience right at home itself. Incorporating a compact form factor that can easily blend into the surrounding, the Premiere comes across as an ultra-short-throw projector, which means it needs to be placed close to the surface it is required to project contents onto. In fact, the Premiere needs to be placed just 11.3 cm away from the wall and the projector can project a 4K quality screen of up to a max of 130-inch. The unobtrusive design of the projector with rounded edges can easily gel into any surrounding and does not require any elaborate or complex installation process, making it just right for the home of the future. With the Premiere, you will have a theatre-like experience right at home itself.