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Elon Musk Teases Tesla Roadster and More: What’s Coming

Elon teases tesla flying roaster

In a landscape where innovation and anticipation intertwine, the automotive and tech industries witnessed significant updates. Elon Musk has provided insights into the future of Tesla’s much-awaited Roadster, while developments in Apple’s automotive project have caught public attention. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the latest news surrounding these two giants and the ripple effects across their respective sectors.

Key Highlights:

  • Elon Musk announced the Tesla Roadster’s expected launch in 2024, marking a prolonged journey from its initial announcement.
  • The Roadster promises hypercar-level performance with its groundbreaking acceleration and top speed, coupled with a remarkable range thanks to a 200 kWh battery.
  • Tesla’s approach to in-car technology and autonomous driving features continues to set it apart, despite avoiding mainstream platforms like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Apple has reportedly discontinued its ambitious automotive project, Project Titan, redirecting focus towards its core products and services.

Elon teases tesla flying roaster

The Road to 2024: Tesla Roadster’s Journey

The Tesla Roadster, originally unveiled in 2017, has seen its share of delays, attributed to various factors including supply chain issues—a challenge that has affected the entire automotive industry. However, Elon Musk reassured stakeholders that the Roadster is on track for a late 2024 production start. This timeline reflects the complexity and ambition behind Tesla’s next-gen hypercar, aiming to redefine electric vehicle (EV) performance standards.

The Roadster’s specifications are as ambitious as its timeline, featuring a minimalistic yet futuristic interior, a removable glass roof, and the promise of unmatched acceleration and speed. Its all-wheel-drive system, enhanced by Tesla’s proprietary technology, aims to deliver an exhilarating driving experience.

Moreover, Tesla’s commitment to autonomous driving technology will see the Roadster equipped with Autopilot and the option for Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities, ensuring a blend of performance and cutting-edge technology.

Apple’s Project Titan: A Shift in Gears

In contrast to Tesla’s forward momentum, Apple has reportedly shelined its automotive project, Project Titan. This decision marks a significant pivot for the tech giant, known for its innovation and market disruption capabilities. While details remain sparse, the shift underscores Apple’s strategic refocusing towards its existing product lineup and emerging technologies.

What Lies Ahead

The automotive and tech industries are at a crossroads of innovation, with electric vehicles at the forefront of this transformation. Tesla’s Roadster is poised to become a benchmark in the EV space, challenging existing perceptions of performance and sustainability. On the other hand, Apple’s decision to halt Project Titan may not spell the end of its automotive ambitions but rather a strategic pause, as it realigns its resources and priorities.

The coming years will undoubtedly unfold more surprises and milestones from both Tesla and Apple, as they navigate the complexities of modern technology and market demands. The anticipation surrounding the Tesla Roadster and the intrigue over Apple’s next moves underscore the dynamic nature of these industries, where change is the only constant.


The journey of the Tesla Roadster from concept to production embodies the challenges and triumphs of innovation. As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of electric mobility, the automotive world watches eagerly, ready for the next revolution. Meanwhile, Apple’s strategic recalibrations remind us that in the pursuit of innovation, sometimes taking a step back is as important as moving forward.