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Dyson launches its most powerful and intelligent cordless vacuum with laser dust detection and detangling technology

Dyson unveils its most powerful and intelligent vacuum cleaner to date, the Dyson V15 Detect Cord-free vacuum.  Engineered to detect hidden dust particles as small as 10 microns and equipped with an acoustic piezo sensor to enable scientific proof of what’s been sucked up, these new Dyson technologies redefine deep cleaning for Indian households. Dyson’s recently launched vacuum cleaner is equipped to provide efficient cleaning of floors, hard-to-reach places, and mattresses for the optimum deep cleaning experience.

The Dyson V15 Detect Cord-free vacuum provides the right balance of power and run time, with up to 60 minutes of powerful fade-free suction, and an advanced five-stage filtration system that captures up to 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns1. Developed by a team of 370 highly skilled engineers globally, this latest vacuum uses a Dyson Hyperdymium motor which generates up to 240 air watts of suction for the most powerful deep clean.

The Dyson Global Dust Study reveals that 46% of Indians have significantly increased their frequency of cleaning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are all cleaning more frequently, trying to remove the additional house dust but desperate for peace of mind that our homes are truly clean” explains James Dyson, Engineer and Founder.

Our latest vacuums use adapted laser technology to reveal hidden dust, integrating a diode laser into the cleaner head that is precisely positioned at a 1.5 degree angle, 7.3mm off the ground to create the best contrast between dust and floor. We don’t think detection is enough, so we remove and meticulously size and count the particles 15,000 times a second using an acoustic piezo sensor which converts vibrations into electrical signals, displaying precisely the size and number of particles sucked up on an LCD at the back of the vacuum.

As problem solvers, Dyson understands this growing concern and has leveraged innovative engineering to create a healthier indoor environment. The latest Dyson V15 Detect™ Cord-free vacuum is engineered with 1.5 times more suction and 54% more bin capacity than the Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim Total Clean. The laser technology reveals hidden dust while the piezo sensor sizes and counts particles that have been sucked up, automatically adapting suction power across the different floor types. Reassuring a deep clean, the LCD screen precisely displays the size and number of particles sucked up.

Dyson’s recent Global Dust Study 20223 highlighted that people overlook cleaning spaces such as mattresses and sofas. These overlooked areas at home may actually be a hotbed for millions of dust mites which could be impacting your wellbeing while you sleep. However, many people continue to neglect these spaces, 54% of Indians do not vacuum their mattresses while 72% do not vacuum their curtains/blinds assuming they are clean. Using Dyson vacuum technology is one way to ensure that you’re cleaning both the visible and invisible dust in your home.

Laser Dust Detection

Dyson has engineered laser dust technology to ensure you are reassured that your home has been deep cleaned. Laser Dust Detection reveals the particles you cannot normally see with a precisely angled laser integrated into the cleaner head.

The idea came about when a Dyson Engineer noticed that airborne particles in their home glistened in the sun. They began to research how they could take this notion and apply it to the fine dust we cannot see in our home. The team experimented with laser lights in the lab to test how this could be achieved, and a new solution was born.

Dyson engineers integrated a green laser diode – chosen for its ability to provide the best contrast – into the Slim Fluffy cleaner head, positioning it precisely at a 1.5 degree angle, 7.3mm off the ground. It means hidden dust on the floor surface that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye can be seen and removed.


Understanding that now more than ever people want more hygienic homes, Dyson engineers set about developing a technology which enables the user to measure the dust it detects and then displays it on an LCD screen for real time scientific proof of a deep clean.

So, how does this work? An acoustic piezo sensor has been integrated into the vacuum. Carbon fibre filaments in the cleaner head pick up microscopic particles which are sized and counted up to 15,000 times a second. The dust enters the vacuum and hits the acoustic piezo sensor within the bin inlet with the tiny vibrations being converted to electrical signals. The dust size and quantity are shown on the in-built LCD screen, so the user can see how much dust the vacuum has removed, as well as the different sizes of particles and deliver scientific proof of a deep clean.

The vacuums have been designed so that they automatically increase suction power when they come across a large amount of dust. This happens in auto mode, when the piezo sensor detects high concentrations of dust, and reactive suction power is triggered to automatically increase in power. When dust levels normalise, suction power is reduced to its previous level.


Hair screw tool: Dyson Engineers also looked to solve the problem of removing hair on the brush bar. This is often a challenge for many vacuums, despite claims to the contrary, so we have developed a new anti-tangle conical brush bar which spirals hair off and into the bin. This prevents the wrapping of hair around the brush bar. Designed for human and pet hair, our engineers delicately tweaked the precise angle of the bristles on the tool, to ensure the release force did not tangle the hair and tested the tool on multiple hair types. 

New Digital Motorbar cleaner head with hair removal vanes:

This new brush bar technology is designed to tackle all hair, whether it is left behind by our feline, canine, or human friends. Inspired by a de-tangling comb, the brush bar features 56 hair removal vanes, precisely angled to help migrate all hair types directly into the cleaner head. These polycarbonate teeth, combined with a set of spiralling nylon bristles, anti-static carbon fibre filaments, and strong suction power, capture and tackles troublesome tangles, as well as larger debris and microscopic dust.

Dynamic Load Sensing (DLS) Technology – Senses and adapts for optimum cleaning on all floor types:

Dyson DLS technology inside detangling technology in the new motor bar intelligently adapts power across different floor types. So, you don’t need to switch cleaner heads, or power modes.


The Dyson V15 Detect™ cord-free vacuum is available from XX July 2022, priced at INR XX at Dyson.in and Dyson Demo stores.