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Designers react to search giant Google’s Material Design language

Designers react to search giant Google’s ‘Material’ design language

At the recently happened Google I/O developer conference in Moscone West Convention Center, company announced a new universal cross-platform design language called ‘Material Design,’ which has already been integrated with Google’s forthcoming ‘L’ release Android operating system.

According to Google, the important goal of this design is to offer users more consistent, universal look-and-feel across all the devices they use.

“Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

We imagined… What if pixels didn’t just have color, but also the depth? What if there was a material that could change its texture? This lead us to something we call ‘material design,” says Matias Durate, Director of Android operating system User Experience at Google, during the keynote this morning.

However, we have top designer’s reactions and views coming from online sources, reporting designer’s opinions and things they are expecting out of this initiative.

“This isn’t just an extension of flat design,” says Marc Edwards, who is working as a director and lead designer at Bjango. Marc is always fascinated about animations and use of depth. According to him, this platform would great to offer designers exact layering hierarchy and shadow sizes.

According to designer Kristy Tillman from IDEO, Google is trying to capture all the screen sizes, and this platform is highly expressive in terms of controlling the experience. It is something Apple has always been better at, she added further.Designers react to search giant Google’s ‘Material’ design language

Sacha Greif is the creator of Folyo, Telescope and Sidebar. According to him, Google has moved few steps further in the recent years. Where Apple often takes their aesthetic decisions to questionable extremes, Google adopts a subtler, more nuanced approach.

“This is about developers!” says Renato Valdés. He is the co-founder of Human. According to him, Material design is another great and important step taken by search giant Google, and need of proving design is becoming more and more important in their culture.

Grace LaRosa, senior experience designer at R/GA didn’t seem to be fascinated with Material design. According to her, this is not something one can call a “massive” departure from Google’s current design.

Tina Chen is a former senior UX designer at Google, currently working as a designer at Obvious Corp. According to her, Google has created a modern system that addresses many design problems that designers deal with every day.