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How to customize LED notification on Android: Tips and tricks

Notification LED is that RGB LED which notifies you about missed calls, messages, and more. It started to get popular and active display from Motorola almost killed this. Now ambient display is a part of stock Android and works with most of the devices with OLED display.

Samsung released it’s Always On display with Samsung Galaxy S7 which does the same thing (show the notification) but with a different twist; the screen stays on and shows you the notifications, battery, time and date. Well if you Android smartphone phone got an RGB light then it’s good because I am going to show you it’s true colors.

LED Blinker Notifications Lite

LED Blinker Notification Lite notifies you about each and every alert which comes to your phone using the notification LED. There are lots of features and customizations you can do with this app. This app works on Android KitKat and above; it has individual settings for each of the different apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or Email.

You can add a LED notification color for various battery percentages like full or less than 10%. The lite version of this app has some limitations and with ads. In the full version, you will not see ads, can add notification for Facebook messages, pocket mode battery saver, Skype messages.

Launch the app and you will see a list of apps which you can set the notifications for. A color-filled circle right next to them shows which color is selected to show notification. The best feature of this app is that if your phone don’t have real notification LED, then this app will show notifications on your phone’s screen.

LED Flow – LED Control

This app allows you to customize the LED according to your needs; you can use the flow feature of this app which makes the LED cycle through colors in case of multiple notifications. You can set sounds to different notifications including repeating sounds. Control vibrations; select from the presets patterns or make your pattern.

LED Flow app supports notifications vibration control with Android wearables like your smartwatch. This app works on your Android smartphone whether it’s rooted or not. This app is extremely useful for Nexus 6 users because Nexus 6 had aa hidden notification LED on it but there are no settings in the software where you can enable it.

This app can access that hidden notification LED in Nexus 6, and you can use it as per your needs. The lite version has some limitations and issues like on some phones; the notification LED doesn’t support different LED colors.

Light Manager – LED Settings

A more simple and straightforward app for controlling the notification LED is the Light Manager – LED Settings app. This app had a simple interface with lots of settings and three different modes; normal, Alternating and screen mode.

Normal mode shows you the most recent notification using the notification LED and won’t show you other notifications. The alternating mode will show you all the notification by glowing the notification LED in an alternative manner. The screen mode is for the smartphones which do not have notification LED.

The app will show you all the notification right on the screen like Motorola active display, Android’s ambient display and Samsung’s Always On feature. You can change the notifications, enable or disable the time and date. This feature looks more like similar to the Samsung Always on display; just the difference is that you cannot add a background to notifications.


Now, even your phone have any notification LED or not, it supports different colors or not. These apps get you covered in any situation you are in. If you find any other feature or app which thinks is good and not on this list, then feel free to share your thoughts with is, use the comment section.