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How to make creative Facebook Cover Image online using FotoJet

Got a Facebook page for your business? Looking to surprise your friends and fans with a cool Facebook cover photo? FotoJet offers an easy way to help your timeline photos stand out of the crowd.

Generally, You include a nice photo of you or one you took in your Facebook timeline cover, but it can even be designed to include multiple photos, your name, your logo, graphics, and almost anything you can think of with FotoJet.

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FotoJet, an easy online Facebook cover maker brings you a wide selection of Facebook cover templates. There is nothing to download or purchase, totally free. With one-click on GET STARTED button, you will be ready to use it without hassles.

A wide range of Facebook cover templates serve as inspiration

You can see a large collection of well-designed Facebook cover photos on the left bar, and any of them could be freely edited. You know that the standard dimensions of the Facebook cover photos are 851 x 315 pixels. If you use FotoJet, you can find those Facebook templates are already at the correct size of 851 x 315 pixels, you can just make your own design without freaking out about resetting the size.

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Make the template your very own with photos

You are able to drag your photos to fill the template. If the arrangement of photos does not suit you, you can zoom, move, rotate, and flip them at will. If you need to further beautify your photos, you can apply beautiful effects and advanced color adjustment.

When you edit photo, you can notice the striking visual piece in the left corner of your creation. This non-editable area is just the place where your Facebook profile photo will be.

Change some texts

There are some templates that come with pre-written text; you will need to change the text to your own. Simply click on the text box and then directly type the words you want. That’s not all. FotoJet Facebook cover maker also enables you to customize text font, style, size, color and effects.

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Save for using

Once got a last satisfaction at your Facebook cover design, directly save it on your computer. To get a better resolution, a PNG file might be the better decision. After that, upload this design to your Facebook as a timeline cover with several clicks.

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That’s it! You will never know how fascinating and quick this Facebook cover maker is until you try it out. You will be a fan of FotoJet once you use it to create your new Facebook cover!