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Carl Pei to start new venture post his stint at OnePlus, raises $7 million in seed funding

Carl Pei, who co-founded OnePlus seven years ago announced having successfully completed a $7 million round in seed financing which is going to fund his forthcoming venture. However, there is no word yet as to what the Swedish tech entrepreneur has set his eyes on at the moment though all of it is going to be unveiled early next year itself. The only thing known is that it is going to have its headquarters in London.

Pei also expressed profound gratitude to his friends who lent him the support for his next venture. He has been deeply involved with OnePlus over the years, which he said has been his dream venture so far. Pei has primarily been responsible for designing the OnePlus range of smartphones, besides also been actively involved with the OnePlus Nord range of affordable OnePlus phones as well.

“These past years, OnePlus has been my singular focus, and everything else has had to take a backseat. I’m looking forward to taking some time off to decompress and catch up with my family and friends. And then follow my heart on to what’s next,” Pei said.

The amount raised is going to be used to set up the headquarters in London, hire new staff as well as pursuing research and development.

It will be interesting to see what Pei has to offer as part of his next venture.