Always worried about a good pair of headphones for your kids? Brainwavz took the charge over and introduced the Kidwavz KV-100 Bluetooth headphones specially designed for Children between 4-14 years old keeping in mind. That’s what the company says but they are adjustable in nature so even grown up kids can also find them useful.

It does come in a simple packing even a kid can unbox it. We have got vibrant blue color headphones. This is funky and cool color. It is available in two more color options; Black and Pink.

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It is not for big headed people; it barely fits adult’s ear. Well, the name says it all, this model is particularly tailored for kids. It has heavily padded flex headband and ear piece. You can extend them accordingly, and it’s tough to break them due to their design unless you do it deliberately.

The right side of the headphone has installed all the controls over it. Soft rubber material buttons perform functions like controlling volume, song selection/reverse and forward, play n also pause the power button and answer call button. It comes with a microphone as well; that comes real handy while talking over the phone. They work only when connected via Bluetooth. No complexity, it has basic control functionality, so that a child can control them without any hassle.

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Syncing via Bluetooth is pretty easy. Press and hold the power button unless LED light starts flashing. The headphones will now appear in the list of devices that are ready to pair with the device you want to connect them.

Distance tested was around 20ft. Which is a very normal range but not for calling. We tested call capabilities as well and found them working fine within the tested range; call quality was just ok. That may be the case because of the far positioning of the mic from your mouth.

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The Kidwavz KV-100 will connect to any device that support Bluetooth transmission; this includes iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, computers with Bluetooth etc.

To use headphones on wireless/Bluetooth mode, you need to charge them through USB cable. But in case if you are running out of the battery you can simply connect them through AUX and play music directly from your phone, and it will not require charging at all. But keep in mind volume limiting capability is gone once you play the music through the AUX cord as it 85dB limitation is only managed when connected via Bluetooth technology.

The volume is set to max 85DB to protect your kid’s hearing ability. When I used the headsets before giving them to my cousin, I was amazed to see the work done brilliantly by Brainwavz. Volume output is just right for young ears.

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It is so mildly blended and gentle with reasonable audio quality. The volume limiting feature is something that attracted me much, and it is safe for kids as well. You don’t have to worry about bass and too loud music hurting their ear. But prolonged usage made my ears squished for few minutes even though they are comfortable but taking that thing on a positive note it will encourage them not to use for longer.

It took around 2.5-3 hours to juice it up full which gave music playback time up to 6 hours as per claimed by the company. Also, you get a talk time up to 10 hours which is pretty good.

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In the box contents, you get a 3.5mm AUX cord to use it in wired mode, USB charging cord, instruction manual and warranty card.


  • 85dB restricted volume
  • Comfortable and adjustable build
  • Bluetooth Mode
  • Cool Design
  • Sturdy


  • Not Waterproof

Well, there is nothing much room for improvement left from Brainwavz. Kudos!

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Should You Buy It or Not?


You can get it for your kids from at 2,499 INR. That’s pretty small investment to prevent your kid’s hearing. Comfortable fit and cushioning all around gives enjoyable music experience that too at the safe volume level. That makes it a good value for money. Irresistible color options make this option tempting among kids. Wireless usage makes it, even more, worthy. Just go for it and grab one!