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Blaupunkt Launches BTW09 Moksha premium earbuds in 3999

Blaupunkt, The German iconic brand has launched the BTW09 and has moved performance to an entirely new class by creating its own hybrid technology that pushes noise cancellation to new heights. You will be grateful for this innovation as the world becomes louder and ambient noise interruption becomes more common. The BTW09 ensures that you get the best sound even in the noisiest environments. With an effective noise cancellation level of -35db, including airports, subways, and busy streets. Your call will be free of repetition, with clear sound coming in and no interruptions.

The BTW09 has three different sound modes. Normal Mode is for listening to music. When you’re in a noisy environment, use ANC mode. And Ambient mode is useful when you want some outside sounds to filter in. This one is especially useful when jogging or riding your bike and you want to be aware of your surroundings.

Blink Pair Technology: Open the Case and you are connected There will be no waiting if there is no master bud. BTW09 is a straightforward case. When you open the case, the buds are immediately connected to your device. It is as simple as that. There is no other step required in the process. This is quick and easy!

The power of 6 MICS The BTW09 has truly advanced ANC technology. They include 6 MICs, 3 in each bud. Each MIC serves a specific function. The first is the Voice MIC, which moves your voice. Then there’s the Feed Forward MIC, which picks up on any outside noise. And then there is the Feedback MIC. These 6 MICs provide the ANC tech with all of the information required to ensure you get the cleanest sound possible. Simply put, 6 MICS collect more data, and more data means better noise cancellation

The look and feel are Wow! When you first open the BTW09 Microbuds charging case and take out a bud, you will have a real Wow moment. The design is out of the ordinary and has a high-end appearance. The buds are small and perfectly sized. There is no protruding stalk, and the compact shape will make you wonder why brands continue to favour the cumbersome long stacked look.

They have the stamina to keep on going with Wireless as well as TurboVolt Charging

One of the shortcomings of most earbuds is their lack of battery endurance, which necessitates frequent charging. BTW09 has abandoned all of that. The BTW09 is packed with powerful and fast charging efficient batteries in each bud and the charging case, giving you 60 hours of performance on every charge. When you put the buds back into the carry case, they are refilled to full. And it happens quickly. As a result, you always have peak performance and no concern about battery levels. The German iconic brand calls this super-efficient German technology TurboVolt. Another advantage of this technology is that a 15-minute charge provides 4.5 hours of playtime. Furthermore, the BTW09 supports wireless charging.

The BTW09 is priced at Rs 3999 and is available in Black colour. The product is already available on  Amazon and Blaupunkt’s own website.