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BGMI Redeem Codes for 21 September 2023: Grab Exclusive Rewards Now!

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) continues to captivate the gaming community with its immersive gameplay and regular updates. One of the most anticipated features that players eagerly wait for is the daily redeem codes. These codes provide an opportunity for players to get exclusive in-game items for free. Today, on 21 September 2023, BGMI has released a fresh set of redeem codes.

Today’s Exclusive Redeem Codes:

  • BTOQ-ZHZ-8CQ – New!
  • TQIZ-BZ76F – Vehicle Skin
  • 5FG1-0D33 – Falcon and Free Emotes
  • GPHZD-BTFZ-M24U – UMP9 Skin
  • KARZ-BZYTR – Free Outfit
  • JJCZ-CDZJ-9U – Golden Pan
  • UKUZ-BZ-GWF – Free Fireworks
  • TIFZ-BHZ-K4A – Free Outfit
  • RNUZ-BZ-9QQ-AKM – Glacier Skin
  • PGHZ-DBTF-Z95U – M416 Skin
  • R89-FPL-M9S – Companion

How to Redeem?

To redeem these codes, players need to visit the official BGMI redemption site. After logging in with their BGMI account, they can enter the redeem code in the provided space. Once the code is verified, the rewards will be directly sent to their in-game mail.

Tier-Wise Rewards:

Apart from the daily redeem codes, BGMI also offers tier-wise rewards for players:

  • Bronze Tier – 10 Silver fragments
  • Silver Tier – Free c4s12 Glasses
  • Gold Tier – Outfit c4s12 Set
  • Platinum Tier – c4s12 Parachute
  • Diamond Tier – c4s12- MK14
  • Crown Tier – 3 Tier Protection card
  • Ace Tier – c4s12 Ace MASK

In Conclusion:

  • BGMI’s redeem codes are a fantastic way for players to get exclusive in-game items without spending real money.
  • Always ensure to redeem the codes as soon as possible, as they have a limited validity.
  • Stay updated with the latest BGMI news and updates to never miss out on any redeem codes.

Remember, these codes are limited and can expire soon. So, grab your rewards while they last! Happy gaming!