Everyone wishes to get the die for celebrity look and keep themselves in sync with the latest fashion. People now a day’s are quite conscious about their looks and attire. Who doesn’t wish to buy latest beauty products? Latest beauty tips, hair ideas, and makeup advice are easily available just one click away. Beauty tricks are shared and discussed via social networking platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

There are many beauty channels broadcasted on YouTube that will prove helpful. These channels provide useful beauty insights which are tried and tested, thereby making them social media celebrities. Now let us have a look at a few Beauty Channels that you should instantly start following:

1. Zoella (Zoe Sugg):


Originally named as Zoe Sugg, Zoella is doing great as a beauty blogger. The number of subscribers is a sheer proof of it. Whenever a new beauty product is introduced in the market, she shares the review with her community. This gorgeous lady has even made some TV appearances and was loved by the audience. She has also been selected as the digital brand ambassador for mental health and has even written a book on health and beauty aspects. Young beautiful girl inspiring many women around the world to feel and look beautiful no matter what.
Subscribers: 7.5 million

2. Michelle Phan:

She has been a top beauty blogger since ages. She is one of the very consistent and experienced beauty guru. Her tutorials mainly include Natural makeup tips, skin care tips, hair care ideas, compact application tips and much more. She has introduced her style-guide and make-up line book. The books are helpful in gaining in-depth beauty ideas and carries demonstrations as well. She is considered to be good at her job, and her work is admirable.
Subscribers: 7.5 million

3. Tanya Burr:


This lady has been one of the top beauty gurus on YouTube. She has established her own line of cosmetics for her YouTube community. Her community has appreciated her work a lot. Subscribers eagerly wait for broadcast to run. She has also published her book on beauty tips and advices. Few of her very famous videos include ‘One-minute Makeup Challenge’, ‘Get ready with me’, and most importantly ‘Get a celeb makeover’.
Subscribers: 2.8 million

4. Bethony Mota:


She has broadcasted amazing videos on beauty tips and hair-do’s. One of her most viewed videos includes five quick school hairstyles. A must watch I would say. She is majorly focussing on her Music Career. But having over 8 million subscribers she is a really admired beauty guru. This beautiful lady is a hair stylist guru too. She is an expert in reviewing and unboxing a new product as well as shared many videos of doing Halloween makeup.
Subscribers: 8.3 million

5. Karisa Pukas:

She is a Canadian beauty guru residing in Australia. A very pretty girl broadcasting videos of ‘Get ready with me’ and ‘Get un-ready with me’. You can follow her video step by step. She has represented one of the best beauty tutorials. Implementation of her fashion advices would let you grab many compliments. Trust me. She’s damn good. You can try yourself.
Subscribers: 644k

6. Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise Pentland):


This channel is designed for beginners. Starting up with basic make-up tricks to perfectionist. Referred to as mommy blogger, this lady works from the UK. Apart from beauty blog she also runs a lifestyle blog. A very famous personality and a multitalented lady. She has even written a book on having the best year of your life this summer.
Subscribers: 2 million

7. Ingrid Nilsen:

This gorgeous girl is referred to as Miss Glamorazzi is a very famous beauty guru. Her channel broadcast makeup tutorials, how to do’s step by step videos, product hauls, etc. Really beneficial and quick make-up techniques are demonstrated by her. Every month she introduces the best beauty tip of that month. Her channel demonstrates seasonal make-up ideas too like spring makeup look etc.
Subscriber: 3.2 million

8. Kandee Johnson:

Her videos can provide you a complete Barbie doll make-up tricks. She provides colourful style and costume make-up tutorials. Her videos enhance your overall beauty. She has even shared videos on a day to day life look as well. She has even hosted beauty shows like Skin wars etc.
Subscriber: 2.7 million

All these happening chicks are running their personal channels from beauty tricks to fashion tips. Anything you wish to know about beauty, makeup, hair do’s and don’ts all are available on these channels. From hair to nail paints all the information regarding cosmetics and other beauty products are available here. There are plenty of DIY (Do-it-Yourself) projects too that are easy to implement. Learn makeup and other beauty regimes sitting at home and look beautiful.