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Best Steam alternatives PC Gamers can download on Windows, Mac and Linux

Valve has a very sturdy grip on online digital DRM market, but it is not the only option for you to buy games. There are lot many Steam alternatives to buying games and save a couple of bucks for other games and stuff. If Steam is your only source of DRM online digital stuff store, then try these which we are listed here. These Steam alternatives come with lots of features. All store has their PC client and available for all PC OS whether it’s Windows, Mac or Linux.

1. Origin by EA

Electronic Arts – leading games developer and a studio is a true Steam alternative for Windows and Mac OS PC. Origin provides DRM (digital rights management) content digitally online so you can buy them over the air or cables (whatever you use).


As you know that Electronic Arts itself is a game developer, so you will get all the beta and demo games free on Origin. You might also get early builds of any future game. You can get your hands on the latest games by pre-ordering them.


Lots of features you get in Origin PC client like the client auto-updates your games. You will be allowed to download games, expansion packs, content booster and patches from Electronic Arts. You will be notified if any DLC releases for your download and installed games. It auto detects all your games installed on your PC.

Origin is also available for Android and iOS to sync you achievements across your PC and your smartphone. Scrabble network will be incorporated into Origin mobile. You can download Origin app from App Store and Play Store free of cost.

Download Origin by EA

2. GOG: Galaxy

GOG Galaxy is a real gamer friendly and DRMfree online gaming platform. It is a Steam-like gaming client. You can use this for playing games on your PC whether its Windows, Mac or Linux. You can do the same stuff on GOG like you do on steam but with new features which make GOG different from the Steam.


CD Projekt, founded July 10, 2008, first started to sell games imported from American whole sellers in Poland. The website went down for some time during September 2010 and came back with a new feature – DRM-free movies. GOG also introduced a 30-day money back guarantee if you find any difficulty in any DRM-free content bought from GOG.com.

On GOG you will get all those old games which were good when they were in the trend. You can download the client on your Windows, Mac or Linux and install games with one click of your mouse. Create a backup in-case to install it on your external drive or cloud. Rollback feature enables you to get your previous game version back with a single click.

Download GOG: Galaxy


These were the best alternatives for Steam by Valve you can try and save some money buying games. There are lot more Steam alternatives on the internet but don’t provide a client; you have to download the game as zip package and install it manually on your PC. You will get lots of free indie games, even your grandpa’s PC can handle them easily.