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Best OnePlus 3 screen protectors you can buy right now

The all new OnePlus 3 is beautifully designed and has a sheer elegant look. It is made of a metal uni-body making the body be slippery. For proper functioning of the gadget, it is important that we take appropriate safety measures. So to prevent your OnePlus 3 smartphone from slips and docks, we have selected few best screen protectors for you.

1. TiSec Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

TiSec offers 0.26mm thick tempered glass offering high screen security to the gadget. The glass is shatterproof and has 2.5 D smooth edges. Not only this, TiSec tempered glass offers 100% touch sensitivity. It has Double Oleo-phobic Coating making the screen oil resistant.  This delicate touch tempered not only protects the screen from slips but also provides natural touch.

Price: Rs. 299

2. Parallel Universe Unbreakable Flexible Tempered Glass Protector:

Parallel universe is a famous brand in screen protectors market. It is highly flexible and unbreakable screen protector which is shatterproof. This ultra- slim tempered has round edges and is scratch resistant. It has a nano primer coating which provides excellent adhesive strengthening, surface hardness and chemical resistance to scratches and corrosion. It offers very easy bubble-free installation. You just need to place the protector on the screen and place your finger on the center of the screen. The protector will adjust automatically by swiping little left and right.

Price: Rs. 389

3. KAIRA One Plus 3 Glass Screen Protector:

Kaira Screen protector protects the OnePlus Screen from daily scratches, dust, scrapes, and normal signs of wear. It is well-equipped for smooth installation as it possesses self-adhering surface. After removal, it leaves no residue on the screen. Its precision-cut design does not obstruct the camera lens. It also enables easy access to all the gadget ports and buttons.

Price: Rs.199

4. Orzly Pro-Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

Orzly tempered glass uses special heat technology which fuses together a glass & PET layer for creating a screen protector that covers the entire surface of the curved screen. The colored borders of the protector contain adhesives. It offers high transparency and bubble free perfect installation. It has an Oleo-phobic coating which makes it simple to wipe away fingerprint smudges.

Price: Rs.1,299

5. Nillkin Anti-burst screen protector:

This highly protective uses Japan imported AGC glass material and HARVES nanotechnology. Nillkin screen protector supports an anti-glare coating that prevents glare derivative. The surface of the glass has Nanometer thin oil coating which makes it oil resistant. Nillkin protectors are environment-friendly as it can be re-used after cleaning.

Price: Rs.698


Unlike most screen protectors you need not press this tempered from the center. You can simply place the tempered just in line up the top and bottom of the screen, and the protector adheres automatically avoiding bubbles. The glass has 3D round edges, which fit perfect on the screen making full coverage. The glass is dust free and provides smooth and naked OnePlus 3 screen experience. It comes with a beautiful colored background frame. And the kit even has two alcohol cleaning wipes for making the glass shine.

Price: Rs. 1,199

7. Foso OnePlus 3 Tempered Glass:

Foso has introduced premium quality tempered offering Premium Quality Anti-Static and Anti-Friction UV Protection to the screen. It not only protects the screen from scratches and damages but also has been reinforced to increase shock absorbency. It has strong silicon adhesive at the back which makes installation easy and even attaches the film firmly. The glass is equipped with high transparency, and the color of the glass remains intact. Foso tempered glasses are environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Price: Rs. 699

8. Golden Sand GS_TG_Premium Cover Tempered Glass:

This is a high definition glass with pixel-perfect clarity, perfect fit, precise laser cutouts for sensors, 45 Degree Flexibility, 4 hour Glass Toughening process, 0.3 mm thin, 2.5 D Round Edge, 9 H Scratch Resistant & Oleo-phobic Coating. This full-screen glass cover gives a natural look and feel due to its edge to edge coverage. One of its drawbacks is that this glass covers LED notification light of your phone.

Price: Rs. 799

9. OnePlus 3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

This glass screen protector has a unique liquid and dust resistant surface, along with an added layer of hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating that allows liquids, fingerprints, and dust to be easily wiped away, ensuring a forever smudge-free viewing experience. The glass protector offers the highest levels of durability, providing long lasting protection against scratches and drops. Due to the curved nature of screen of your smartphone, this screen protector is designed to ensure a gap variance of up to 5 mm around the borders from the edge of the screen to provide the maximum durability and toughness.

Price: Rs. 154

10. MARLAYS 2.5D Curved Edged Toughened Tempered Glass:

This one plus three model is designed with CNC cutting technology and has a perfect size for your phone. This tempered glass is very slim (0.3 mm) and curved from sides (2.5 D) for a smooth experience. The high-quality glass and silicone adsorption gives the natural glass feel and bubble free application. It provides flawless accuracy with no interference in touch responsiveness. This tempered glass is flexible to 45-degree and buffers the impact of shock to screen on falling to prevent its breakage.

Price: Rs. 299


Since cell phones are expensive devices, it can be heartbreaking to find a huge scratch on the screen of something so costly. A large scratch may even affect the usability of a smartphone’s touchscreen. Screen protectors are relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of replacing a smartphone or cell phone and are a great way to prevent unsightly scratches, as well as protect screens from fingerprints and dust.

The above-listed screen protectors vary only slightly in their design and function. So, guard your smartphones against unwanted scratches and scuffs by applying any of the above-listed screen protectors, and keep your equipment looking new for years to come.