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Best music recognition apps to identify songs on Android and iOS smartphones

Suddenly you hear a song or a tune never heard of before and wish to know what it is? Well, there are a plethora of smartphone apps that can help you track every unknown song you like. Before the invention of such apps, you would have traditionally feed the lyrics of the song on Google to identify it. But now these music recognition apps would solve your purpose within seconds and then you can easily add them to your playlist. We have curated some best music identification apps that are worth giving some space on our smartphone.


A very popular song identification app which most you might be having on your smartphone. Through Shazam, users can identify music in one single tap. Not only this, you can even get one tap access to video clips, song’s lyrics and other streaming services offered by app developers. Top Hollywood artists like Adele, Kendrick Lamar, and Justin Bieber are using Shazam to find great new music.

You can enjoy and discover the thrill of music by downloading and using the Shazam App. News feed flashes the latest tunes, music, videos and more stuff for instant access. This app is downloaded and used by hundreds of millions of people every month. After logging in you can access your Shazam account across all devices simultaneously. Shazam has an offline feature through which you can recognize songs even in offline mode. You can even follow our favorite singing star on Shazam and have a glance at their playlists.

There is a Spotify playlist to which you can save your most liked songs and videos. You can even share your discovered music with friends through the app’s social connect column via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

TrackI – Music Recognition:

It is one of the best apps to identify music flowing all around you. Within few seconds it recognizes and flashes the song name, artist name and other details. It is very user- friendly app available in almost 60 different languages spoken worldwide. Those who have a deep interest in music can explore their favorite artist’s biographies, watch their favorite videos and even listen to the weekly top chartbusters list.

After identifying the song, you can directly add them to your spotify list and enjoy listening to the full song later. There is an option for downloading the full song or songs video’s through the app. Through the apps offline mode, you can save the track you wish to identify and then track it later once online. By this, you will never miss something you loved hearing.

You can even share your unidentified tracks on social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. it is a good looking app comprising of a fresh design that would make you feel that music never looked so good earlier. The app has a direct link to YouTube through which you can watch the video of the track you were searching for.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music:

Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music app comprises of an amazing collection of songs that you shall surely love. Millions of people have downloaded and got access to this app. Through this app, you can not only identify the unknown tunes but also get access to its lyrics and even a unique option for song translation is also available. You can enjoy music from YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Sound cloud, Apple music and various other streaming platforms through Musixmatch app.

The app even lets you learn new languages by displaying lyrics of a particular song in some other language. In just a single tap the song recognition process starts and within seconds the app flashes the results. Through not only tune, but you can also even start a search by feeding in the artist name or just a single line of the song.

The app possesses a Lyrics Card feature through which the users can share their favorite music choices on an amazing background. Whenever your favorite artist updates new lyrics, you shall automatically get a pop-up. Musixmatch app can be played on your TV with the help of Chrome-cast and even works on Android wearable.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

SoundHound Music Search and Play:

SoundHound is a fascinating tune identifier app. Through this app, one can initiate the hands-free search. How? OK. What you need to do is, “Say it, Play it”. The user’s simple needs to command like, OK Hound, play Taylor Swift’s latest song? Or OK Hound, play A.R Rehman’s latest composition. So simple, isn’t it? And for identifying a new song, just command, OK Hound, what’s this song/tune? SoundHound shall initiate the search and flash the song details within seconds.

Users can extract information about their favorite music artists too through its music knowledge database. Once you shall download and open the app, there is an orange button on the home page through which you can identify new songs, videos and see live lyrics. After registering you can save all your history song searches and access those whenever and whenever desired. New album releases, emerging new charts and Artists born today all information can be retrieved from the app.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

Music Recognizer Identify Song:

Another superb song identifier app that you would love to have on your smartphone. Sometimes you instantly wish to know about a song you may never heard of before. This app will help you do so, within seconds it shall recognize not only the song but the artist, its lyrics, and other related details. The app provides accurate information regarding the song as well as the singer and their biographies. Apart from identifying the song quickly it even offers a smart search feature. The app possesses a large database with millions songs and artists information. You can search for related videos for the song or the artist you are fond of on YouTube.

Price: Free
Availability: Android


All the above mentioned five song detection apps are worth downloading and using. These apps are designed for music lovers and explorers. You can explore and identify any kind of music through these apps within seconds. Song detection would never have been so easy, as it is with these apps. All the apps are well equipped with the tunes detection feature. You must give it a try, and download these apps as they are too much fun.