Google Chrome is used by more than 60% of the internet users. Google is trying to make its Chrome browser more flexible. As Google believes in making everything open source, Chrome browser is also getting support from developers making hundreds of extensions and adding them to Google Chrome store. Here we are listing some of the best Google Chrome extensions so you can be more productive while you work.

5Live Start Page

This chrome is nominated as one of the best 2015 extensions in Google Chrome Web Store. This extension replaces the Google Chrome’s boring speed dial with some beautiful live wallpapers and some useful widgets. It shows you current time with different styles which you can select in settings.

Also shows weather on the upper right corner and some more widgets on the bottom panel. Double clicking anywhere on the empty area brings up the speed dial for the recent websites, and you can add custom tiles too. You can save the current arrangement by signing up with your email id and restore the same arrangement on any PC.


Do you always forget your passwords and have to create new e-mail accounts often? Then LastPass Google Chrome extension is the solution for you. LastPass is a password manager where you can create an account and save your passwords under only one password.

The extension saves your all passwords, and you can view them at the time of filling passwords in the password field. You can save as well as generate strong passwords for new accounts. You just need to remember only one password now; the Lastpass’s one.

3Evernote Web Clipper

If you don’t know Evernote, it is a note-taking app for smartphones and tablets. This is the Google Chrome extension version of that app where you can clip the websites and save them as notes on your Evernote account.

This extension is great for research; you can clip any article from any website. You can also snip anything by saving a screenshot of the particular area on the web page. You can sync your clips on all devices by saving them from your Google Chrome and read them on your smartphone by installing the Evernote app.

2Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube

If you want to watch a music video on YouTube and want to see lyrics to show up. It shows up lyrics whenever you plays any music videos on YouTube. You can install the app from Google Play Store on your phone too.

Just install this extension on your Google Chrome, and whenever you play videos on YouTube, it will show you lyrics. You can customize the appearance of the lyrics from the caption settings or turn them off if you want.


Bitmoji is an emoji app for your Google Chrome browser. This extension provides you thousands of emojis for your messaging apps so you can send emojis on mail or online version of Skype.

You have to download the extension and access the emojis from the Bitmoji button from the menu bar on Google Chrome. Copy them and paste them into the chat field. By going to the website, you can customize the emojis.


You can install these extensions on your Google Chrome and make your internet surfing better than ever. These extensions are free to install, but some features are paid from the developer. You need to create an account for some extensions to make them work.

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