Audio Technica recently released a new earphone series and COR 150 is the one specially made for people who are fitness freak and listen to music while in the gym. These earphones are small and light weight, also comes with ear hangers to fit the ears perfectly and one plastic cord wrap to protect and store the earphones properly. COR 150 comes in total eight colors so you can pick one with goes with your style. We have the black version here, let’s see if the sound is good from these budget earphones.

Unboxing and specifications

The packaging of these earphones are a lot different than another packaging we’ve seen; it comes in a plastic wrapping with a pair of ear hangers and three pair or ear tips And a plastic cord wrap to wrap the earphones around it and store it to protect it from damage or getting tangled. Audio Technica ATH-COR150 comes with 8.5 mm dynamic drivers with 20 mW input power and 16 ohms impedance. The earphones weigh 4.2 grams only, and the cord is 1.2 m Y-type, the connector is L-shaped, and it’s gold plated.

Audio Technica Core Bass Earphones 3


The earphones are bit different from any other fitness earphones; the buds occupy the whole ear and the tip correctly lines with the ear hole. The ear hanger which comes with it is removable, so when you are jogging or exercising, it further secures the earbud into the ear, so it won’t fell out. Overall the design is the best I’ve seen in any earphones with plastic casing; the only down point is that there is a rubber piece around the bids which really kills the design when not using with ear hangers.


Audio Technica in-ear headphones feature full and textured bass with immersive sound and detail. The ear hanger come with it which can be attached if you are using the earphones while in gym, cycling or jogging. You can also use it without the ear hanger is you don’t want to use it while exercising. These earphones come with two years of manufacturers warranty which you can claim anywhere in India.


The first thing which we see in earphones is the weight and the build quality; Audio Technica COR 150 earphones did real good in the weight and comfort section. The earphones fit perfectly in the ears because of the lightweight plastic casing. The other sized silicon tips are also available for every ear type, and the design is not a bullet type, so it fits perfectly in the ears. The biggest con is the wire quality; it feels like the wire cannot take much strain or last longer.

Now the sound quality, the sound is crisp and clear, the music doesn’t hurt the ears even with max volume. The bass is also in the right amount, it feels perfect; not too high to give you a headache and not too small to convert a rock music to metal. Overall the sound quality is at its best, and in this price range, these are the best earphones.

Audio Technica Core Bass Earphones 1


  • Very comfortable
  • Best for hours of cycling or jogging
  • Lightweight


  • Wire quality is not good


If you are looking for earphones which you can ear while jogging because the one which comes with your smartphone are not good, then Audio Technica COR 150 is the best option. The ear hanger made them even more comfortable while moving and won’t fall quickly. You can buy these earphones for yourself from Amazon for Rs. 1,250 only.