Audio-Technica is one of the best brands for earphones and headphones and popular for some of the best sound equipment. Released an earphone series for people who wants some light weight earphones and great sound. The Audio Technica ATH CLR-100 is the earphones said to have the clear natural sound and comfortable fit. If you are looking for some new earphones then let’s see if these earphones can impress you.

Unboxing and Specifications

The Audio technical ATH-CLR100 packaging is similar to other budget earphones from this series. It’s packed in a plastic packaging with all the contents in the plastic cord wrap which comes with it. The packaging is a little hard to open, we managed to open it after destroying the cardboard.

Audio Technica Clear Earphone 2

The package includes the Audio Technica ATH-CLR100, three pairs of earbuds and a plastic cord wrap to protect the earphone and store them. The instructions and information about the earphones are printed on the cardboard. I am not impressed with the packaging but the cord wrap which comes with this balance the unpacking experience.


Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 is equipped with 8.5mm dynamic drivers with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 25KHz and 103dB sensitivity. The cable is Y-Type and is 1.2 m long which is enough to reach your head from your pocket. The earphones are light weight because of the casing and thin wires, the whole earphones weigh only 3.4 g and the ear tips are also comfortable.

The drivers create crystal clear sound and the details in the sound is excellent. The earbuds are canal style which means they are angled to fit the ears perfectly without giving any pain even after using it for long hours. These earphones come with two years of manufacturers warranty which you can claim in the whole country.

Audio Technica Clear Earphone 1


Audio Technical ATH-CLR100 are very lightweight earphones which are the best feature because it helps the earphones to stay in the ears without falling occasionally. The Y-shaped design of the earbuds contributes to fit them in the ear canals perfectly and isolate ears from the outside noise.

The sound from these earphones is crisp and clear, it’s loud enough, and the sound stays clear even at maximum volume. Looking at the price, I haven’t expected much bass from these and I got the same result but what I expected from the brand Audi Technical is not there in these earphones; the build quality.

The build quality is appalling and the wires are of very cheap quality, even if they want to make it light weight and minimal, but they could have added a little better wire in these. The L-shaped plug is suitable for tablets and laptop but not ideal for smartphones; they could have made it straight.

Audio Technica Clear Earphone 3


  • Light weight
  • Cord wrap
  • Crisp vocals


  • Build quality is poor


These earphones could be perfect for someone who need a very light weight earphones with crisp and clear vocals. You can buy these earphones for Rs. 585 on Amazon and it is a good deal which comes with a cord wrap which is a good to store these earphones in the pocket than any hard case. The build quality bothers me a lot because the wire can’t take much strain and can be broken easily.

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