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Five best apps every girl should have in her smartphone but probably does not know

I totally understand your addiction with apps like Facebook, Whisper, Pinterest, Vine, Kardashian sisters’ apps (in case you missed the news flash, Kylie Jenner’s app won) and the recent one on the list, Tinder. But it is high time to wave them goodbye and jazz up your app drawer with the glitter of these new apps.

Rx Breakup (Free)

This is definitely one of the most interesting apps I have come across. This app is the second best thing which break-up brings you, first obviously being recovery sweets and desserts. It is literally like that bestfriend who promises to take care of you for 30 days after a breakup and it’s innovative 30-day plan (each day planned according to your probable state of mind).

The daily empowering quotes along with the customized List and a column to write all your frustration makes this app work. It is totally worth your time and those 7.3 M space. Oh, it can even serve as an excuse for your breakup if need be.

The only suggestion from my side to them would be to try and include even functions of Ex-blocker apps like Blocking the call and messages of Ex and also removing the content related to your Ex from social media.


apps for girls

This is a life partner for all those lazy chicks who can literally hold a Guinness record for laziness but are too lazy to apply. IF will simplify your professional life and manage all the things keeping you updated. It efforts to synchronize basically all the web technologies you are registered on. Well, most of them.

But for it to do wonders you will have to register all the apps and websites which you wish to sync and of course, choose the recipes (it is the app’s slang for the relation between two medias) according to your need.

app for girlsUnderstanding it can take efforts but it will be more than worth. If you need a detailed tutorial please comment.


Wattpad is the social purlieu of every Reader and Writer around the globe. This app lets you read as well as publish your stories or books and share it with the world to gain honest reviews. The navigation is extremely easy, you just need to enter the correct keyword of the kind of story you want to read and it will find you the most suitable story out all the available ones.

You can also choose from the available categories Recommended (based on your previous reads and the genres you chose at the start), romance, sci-fi, fantasy, humor and more. You can also follow your Facebook/Google/Tumblr friends using this app or other famous readers/writers of this app to see what they are reading.

Honest warning: This app can cast a spell on you (even if you are not a bookworm).

Shop Savvy

I know most of the fashionistas knows about this app already. But it is not only for Fashion lovers it is for every girl who wishes to shop efficiently. Shop Savvy is one of the best app in this category due to many reasons. Few of them being, it offers the accurate updates on deals and offers online as well as your locality. You can search any desired product by keyword or Barcode(use the tiny orange camera icon on the right top corner).

Hair Color Booth

Let’s take a vote. All the girls who have regretted coloring/highlighting their hair please raise your hands. Assuming that my hand in not the only one, I would love to suggest you this super spooky app which colors your hair or highlight it. You can use the brush tool to choose the hair amount.

Although the app is free but it’s not cheap. If you don’t plan to use this app to decide your hair color you can try this to freak out your friends. You can also do other editings to make yourself look more beautiful. It follows Photowonder and offers almost all their tricks.

Tip: Take a snap under normal lights and then use this app. Once you have colored your hair you can use any other app’s filter(even this app offers decent filters) this will make it look more realistic. Best of luck.

So girls, how many of these you’re using right now? Share your favorite apps in comments!