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Reports suggest Apple developing its own search engine to compete Google

According to a Financial Times report, Apple is reported to have accelerated its efforts to develop its own search engine, something that the Cupertino company has already been speculated to be engaged in for some time. Once such efforts reach the culmination stage, Google will cease to be the default search engine for iPhone devices.

As things stand at the moment, all iPhone devices running iOS 14 have been providing users with search results. Users have also been redirected to the websites that are most relevant to the search terms. Apple had earlier lured away Google’s head of search operations, John Giannandrea about two and a half years ago. That was when speculations started taking wings about Apple’s intentions to develop its own search engine.

Also, Apple’s urgency can be further gauged from the recent development wherein the US Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit to Google. According to the lawsuit, the search giant is being charged with illegally maintaining ‘monopolies through anticompetitive and exclusionary practices in the search and search advertising markets’.

Apple has so far been providing the Google search engine as the default option on its iPhone devices, something that costs the Mountain View company about $8 – $12 billion dollars as annual fees paid to Apple. That is going to change once Apple has its in-house search technology ready.

However, there also is counter speculation if Apple will be successful in coming up with a Google alternative right away. We all know how Apple Maps fared during the initial stages. The company has put in a lot of effort and resources into developing its mapping application thereafter though it can’t be considered a Google Maps alternative just yet.

Under the circumstances, coming up with a replacement for Google Search can be considered quite a steep call thought not overtly impossible. It could still be a few years before Apple is able to match or even exceed what Google search is able to provide at the moment. After all, Google has been the default search option on iPhones for more than a decade now and users no doubt will expect at least a similar experience with Apple’s own search tech.


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