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Apple said to cut iPhone 7 production by 10 percent amid falling sales


Apple is expected to slash iPhone 7 production owing to lackluster sales. According to a report by Japanese publication Nikkei, the Cupertino-based technology giant plans to cut iPhone 7 production by up to 10 percent in Q1 2017, primarily because of declining sales of both the newly launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The report further adds that the larger iPhone 7 Plus is more popular than the 5-inch iPhone 7, but its sales have also taken a hit because of shortage in supply of its dual-camera sensors. The larger iPhone 7 Plus features a dual-camera setup which requires a more intricate hardware setup compared to the smaller iPhone 7, which has further hampered iPhone 7 sales growth. Despite the fact that the newly launched the iPhone 7 features several upgrades, Apple has failed to impress fans with their recent iPhone launches.

And in case you missed, WSJ recently reported that Apple is showing keen interest to start locally manufacturing in India — the world’s second largest smartphone market. Apple CEO Tim Cook on his recent visit to India said that it could become another giant market for the company, where iPhone sales saw a 50 percent rise. The visit also came at a time of declining global iPhone sales, as the company seeks a way to regain lost ground with falling iPhone sales.

Past reports by industry analysts also suggest that Apple will see ‘muted’ sales with their iPhone 7, owing to the lack of design changes and substantial upgrades. While the iPhone 7 sales may be taking a hit, recent reports suggest that the next iPhone (presumably the iPhone 8) would be quantum leap in terms of design and technology. Next year marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and rumors have already started pouring in that the upcoming iPhone, likely to be called the iPhone 8 would get the makeover Apple users have been waiting for.