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Apple rumored to launch iPhone SE 3 in early 2022

Apple is all set to launch its iPhone 13 series this fall. If that isn’t exciting enough, the company seems to have another surprise lined up early next year in the form of a new successor to the iPhone SE. As it is, the smaller iPhone version does have a strong fan following of its own and that has largely to do with the affordable price tag that the iPhone SE range commands. It also sports a smaller display, making it among the most compact iPhone device currently available.

Now, according to rumors, the iPhone SE 3 could be ready for launch around early-2022. The rumor has its origins in a new job opening that is calling for chip probing specialists through its partner, Xintec. Now, Xintec happens to be a subsidiary of TSMC and is charged with the quality testing process. It has also been associated with the iPhone SE range since the first model was launched and has supplied components for the same ever since.

Also, the above report is backed by another revelation by Ming-Chi Kuo that too claimed Apple is readying the iPhone 13 for launch sometime in early 2022. And Kuo shouldn’t need any introduction while there shouldn’t be any reason to doubt his credibility as well given the manner he has been bang on with most of his predictions.


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