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Apple rumored to be working on cheaper ‘Sports’ edition of its AirPods Max headphones

Apple had recently launched the AirPods Max which comes across as a premium headphone that boasts of superior build and performance. Much of that has to do with the machine-textured anodized aluminum ear cups along with the stainless-steel headband that does lend a definite character to the headphone.

However, all of that comes for a price, which at $549 ensures the AirPods Max is available to only a select few while keeping it well beyond the reach of the masses. All of that could be changing what with reports claiming Apple is working on a cheaper alternative of the AirPods Pro Max.

As reported by LeaksApplePro, the cheaper model might be adjudged the Sports edition and will likely be priced at around $350 to appeal to a wider user base. The lower price point however will come with a few compromises which includes a plastic build for the ear cups and the headband. That said, coming as it does from Apple, expect good quality plastics to be used so that you still have a headphone that can stand apart from the rest.

Also, the good thing is that the new Sports edition of the Apple headphone will still come with advanced features such as Active Noise Cancellation, spatial audio, and Transparency Mode, all of which already on offer with the AirPods Max Pro. Plus, battery life too is expected to be a commendable 20 hours.

However, before you get too excited with all of what has been stated so far, here is a gentle reminder – all of what has been mentioned above is still very much a rumor. Let’s wait for more to emerge on this, which we hope will happen soon enough if Apple indeed has such plans up its sleeve.