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Apple patents eco-friendly paper bag to use exclusively in retail stores

Apple paper bag

Apple has decided to go eco-friendly since it is evident from a recent patent application codenamed bag. According to sources, the Cupertino-based company has filed a patent application for an Apple paper bag meant to be used in retail stores. The new Apple paper bag will be manufactured using recycled paper.

As part of the legal process involved, Apple has been forced to provide contextual information of the bag. The language used in the filed patent application features captions such as “Bags are often used for containing items. For example, retail bags may be used to contain items purchased at a retail store.”

Apple paper bag

Apple paper bag will be retail stores exclusive

According to the patent application, it is clear that the proposed bag will be used in the exclusive Apple retail stores. However, we don’t know whether the bag will be used only in the US or globally.

The new bag is designed by Apple to reduce the amount of environmental impact of the manufacturing, use and disposal of the bag. You should note that the shopping bag is designed using paper, which includes the handles. The patent filing reveals that the adhesive used for sticking the bag is not made of paper.

Apple paper bag handles to be designed using knitted paper strands

To provide a unique feel and flexibility of actual fiber, the handles attached to the bags will be manufactured using knitted paper strands. If you look at the design of the handle, it looks like textile. Moreover, it folds along with the profile of the bag. The main reason for integrating this feature is to prevent interference with anything placed around the bag.

Apple paper bag

Apple paper bag users 10 percent extra recycled material

According to a report in Consequence of Sound, the forthcoming bag makes use of 10 percent more recycled material when compared to other competing products. This will make the bag bit weaker but the company is reportedly reinforcing all the points that are likely to be stressed.

If you had experiences Apple smartphones, you will know that the internal spares are just not normal off the shelf components. They are not available to any other manufacturer except Apple. Apple has applied this same philosophy to upcoming bag as well by designing their own bags instead of placing orders from third-party sources.

Even though it takes a huge amount of effort and time, the smartphone giant is taking all the pain to design and develop a bag according to their requirements. Apple will never compromise on the quality standards and patent filing for new bags doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

The authorities have not granted the patent yet. But you will find a wide range of innovations included in the description. To be serious, Apple is gearing up to make a genuine effort to design an environmentally friendly paper bag.