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Apple MagSafe Battery pack for on-the-go charging of iPhone series launched

Apple has launched its MagSafe battery pack in India. These are essentially external power sources that are compatible with the iPhone 12 series. The battery packs are designed to attach to the iPhone 12 models via magnetic action while charging the phone wirelessly.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack specs and features

One of the biggest positives with the MagSafe battery packs is that there are no wires involved, save for when you need to charge the battery pack itself. Just attaching the battery pack to the iPhone 12 is all that is needed to initiate the charging process. These are rated at 1,460 mAh, which should be enough for some emergency juice that your iPhone might need on the go.

However, charging the battery pack itself will require connecting it to the mains using a Lightning cable. Apple said the battery pack can be used to charge the iPhone 12 even if the battery pack itself is getting charged via the Lightning cable. Under normal circumstances, the battery pack will provide 5 W of power though according to what Apple said, using a power adapter rated higher than 20 W will allow for wireless charging at up to 15 W.

The battery packs do not have any switches or buttons as such for its operation. There are only light indicators to denote its status. For instance, an amber light glows when the battery pack is charging while there is a green light that lights on briefly when it is fully charged.

The battery level, as well as the charging status of the battery pack, gets reflected in the Lock screen when it is attached to the iPhone. Further, the charging status is also shown in Today View as well as on the Home Screen via the Battery Widget. However, the minimum the iPhone 12 should be running is iOS 14.7 for the above to be a reality.

As of now, the Apple MagSafe battery Pack is only compatible with the iPhone series, that is the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max given that these are the only iPhone models that come with MagSafe support.

Price and availability in India

The MagSafe battery pack is listed on the Apple India site but there is no mention as to when exactly it will go on sale in the country. As of now, it is available in the United Stated while shipment is slated to commence from July 19. It is priced at $99 in the US while in India, it can be your for Rs. 10,900.


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