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Apple iPhone 7 may release in Deep Blue color variant instead of Space Gray, says report

The two most popular colors that Apple has been offering lately (silver and space gray) have been one of their many USPs, but a highly debatable rumor according to an article on Mac Otakara on June 9 said that this might change. The company may be planning to get rid of the “Space Gray” color and bring in “Deep Blue” in the upcoming iPhone 7.

The Space Gray was introduced in 2013 with the iPhone 5s, replacing the “Slate Black”. Since then the color has also been introduced in other Apple products such as iPad Air, iPad Pro, and the 12-inch MacBook. The company has had an active record of changing colors on the iPhone. The year 2008 saw a white and black iPhone 3G, with the 5s, came in silver, and more recently gold and rose gold has been introduced.

The report also says that iPhone 7 will have the same LCD glass surface that the previous models have employed. This contradicts an earlier rumor that stated that Apple may switch to OLED in 2017. These rumored adaptations may have the basis of the company trying to change according to the market and cater to a larger audience.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be released this September, and as we approach it, more and more rumors emerge about radical changes which may or may not be welcome in the fan community. Another rumor has claimed that the new phone may not incorporate a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Other speculative features include a faster A10 chip, waterproofing (there’s some basis of this one: patents), adjusted antenna bands, faster LTE, and WiFi chips, etc. The extent of truth in these stories remain unclear for the time being.

We will bring you more updates on the upcoming iPhone 7. Keep checking back for more updates.