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Apple iPhone 2017 release date rumors: Why iPhone 8 is a great deal?

As the launch of this year’s iPhone 7 nears, rumors have started to accumulate regarding next year’s iPhone. The Apple iPhone 2017 will be the tenth smartphone in the famous iPhone series. It is presumed to be a special tenth edition iPhone and bring a lot of renovations to the conventional features of Apple’s iPhone. The future handset will sport an OLED display instead of the LCD panels of its predecessors. A new extremely efficient Apple A11 chipset will power the device. Wireless charging is also rumored to be included.

iPhone 2017 Rumor: Will be named iPhone 8

The 2017 iPhone will presumably be named as the iPhone 8 instead of iPhone 7S. Apple will deviate from its naming trend due to the outstanding number of changes in the next year’s iPhone. Some rumors suggest that it may also be named 2017 iPhone or simply iPhone.

iPhone 2017 Display: AMOLED

One of most hyped feature of the 2017’s iPhone is the OLED display. After using LCD displays backlit by LED for a long time, Apple will apt for something new. The AMOLED display will facilitate better color reproduction and improved power efficiency. Samsung will the main supplier for the AMOLED panels for the iPhone 8.

iPhone 2017: Touch ID and Camera

The future smartphone is also speculated to sport an edge to edge display. Some rumors suggest that the OLED panel will be a flexible one for reducing the thickness of the handset. The finger print sensor or the Apple Touch ID is rumored to be blended with the screen losing the physical button set-up. The front camera will also be similarly incorporated with the display.

iPhone 2017 Processor: Apple A11

The iPhone of the next year will be powered by the next generation Apple A11 SoC. TSMC will be manufacturing the chip which is designed by Apple. The processor will be produced using the futuristic 10 nm FinFET process which is expected to be extremely power efficient.

iPhone 2017 Wireless Charging

The iPhone 8 is expected to feature a breakthrough wireless charging technique. Apple is said to be working on the brand new tech which will mainly focus on long range wireless charging. It will be something new in the world of wireless charging which will not require you to be near any charging mat or current source.

iPhone 2017: Software and Release Date

A brand new iOS 11 will be at the helm of the iPhone 2017. Apple is anticipated to release the smartphone sometime in September 2017.