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Apple iPad Air 2020: Features, specs and price

The iPad Air 2020 might come with a few features that have been exclusive to the iPad Pro devices so far. Prominent among those include the switch to USB Type-C ports in place of Apple’s proprietary Lightning connectors. A report in the MacOtakara blog, which again cited a Chinese site MyDrivers claimed that the other significant change expected with the next iPad Air include a bigger 11-inch display, the same as that of the 11-inch iPad Pro.

USB Type-C port:

The move to adopt a Type-C port on the iPad Air 2020 will be among the more significant changes for the iPad line-up. Not only will this allow for faster data transfers and recharges, other advantages with the Type-C port include a more universal connectivity, such as enabling the iPad Air 2020 to be connected to an external display as well.

Apart from the port, the forthcoming iPad is also touted to have the same display real estate as the iPad Pro. The site MyDrivers even states Apple might be attempting to use the same mold as that of the iPad Pro display for the new iPad Air as well.

Touch ID: 

Experts also opine Apple might adopt a few other iPad Pro features on the iPad Air, which includes Face ID tech, along with maybe the variable refresh rate as well. Leakster @Lovetodream that is making the above claims stated the return of Touch ID would make sense considering that Face ID has proved quite ineffective in authenticating users wearing face masks.

However, unlike the Apple Face ID we have had in the past, Apple might opt for an in-display sensor this time. If that be the case, then the iPad Air 2020 will go one up vis-a-vis the iPad Pro, none of which currently features Touch ID. Instead, the tablet comes with a front cam placed on the side bezel that powers Face ID.

Other specs: 

The iPad Air 2020, given the manner it is expected to have the same build as that of the iPad Pro 11-inch, might also end up being compliant with the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard as well. That is not all as the Apple Pencil too might follow suit though that perhaps amounts to stretching our imagination a bit too far.

The choice of processor could be the A13 Bionic chip along with 64 GB of starting storage, the latter being what the entry level 2018 iPad Pro provides for. Also, as @Lovetodream speculated, it could be mini LED display tech that might find application in the iPad Air as well.


That likely will be $499 for the base model given that that has been the price of all entry-level iPad Air models so far.


Now, this is something that is really hard to predict owing to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic the world over. However, analyst Ming Chi Kuo is of the opinion that the iPad Air 2020 will see a formal launch in the second half of 2020. While we aren’t too far for that time window to kick in, it still is too broad a period for our comfort.

iPad Mini:

The smaller iPad cousin too is slated for a design makeover of sorts, with reports claiming it might have an 8.5-inch display this time, up from the 7.9-inch that we have had so far. Also, there might be no USB-C connector for the iPad Mini. Instead, it is the same old Lighting port that the smaller iPad will have to make do with.

Apart from the size, the other thing getting incremented for the iPad Mini is the switch to the latest A13 Bionic chip. That would make for a huge jump in processing capabilities, which again might lead to an increase in price as well. However, the new iPad Mini isn’t expected to break cover before first half of 2021.

Let’s hope we have more specific info on both the upcoming iPad Air and iPad Mini soon enough. Keep watching.