Home News Apple Inc. to relaunch iPhone 4 for Rs. 23,000 in India: Report

Apple Inc. to relaunch iPhone 4 for Rs. 23,000 in India: Report

We already have a catch about the relaunch of Apple’s iPhone 4 in India. Now it seems that the company is going ahead with it. Apple’s iPhone 4 relaunch in India seems to be a sound strategy, as report suggest. Apple would possibly relaunch the phone at Rs. 23,000, which was expected earlier at Rs. 15,000.

According to the latest reports from TechCrunch, Apple was never in a position to sell their phones at such a low price. Despite being the face, there were rumors spreading about the relaunch of iPhone 4 at a price tag of Rs. 15,000, as mentioned. Now this seems not possible for Apple to sell their phones at such a cheap price.

The latest price is Rs. 23,000 where the buyers will get some buy back schemes as well. 2013 was the best year for Apple’s annual revenue, as this year they passed by $1 billion annual revenue. BGR India said that Apple has not yet confirmed the price tag of Rs. 23,000, but if Apple confirms that price tag then they would be taking acceptable damage for sure.

Apple is looking to strengthen their sales with the relaunch of iPhone 4, which slowed down over the past quarter. Comparing with the present competition, Apple iPhone 4 has nothing by their side. They will indeed get to face some competitors if the price is going to be R. 15,000.

However, Apple is firmly against the opinions, as buy back schemes have always worked for them and same thing is hoped from the sales offers for iPhone 4.