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Android N vs Android Marshmallow 6.0: 5 Key differences between the two

Certainly, Android N is in its infancy and Google has already provided hints about the expected features in the upcoming operating platform. According to Google, the upcoming Android N will be better than Android Marshmallow and even improved than Lollipop. Even though Google had released two preview versions before, the search-engine giant had released a developer preview with additional features at the recently held Google I/O.

Multitasking support

Even though Samsung and LG devices provide support for working with multiple apps on the same window, Google has integrated this feature into the core code of Android N. Hence, you will be able to view two separate apps using any Android N enabled device. Your display will split with top and bottom portions showcasing two different apps. For example, you can post a comment on your Facebook wall while watching an unboxing video on YouTube.

Revamped Group notifications

Android N will be integrated with Bundled notifications with which you will be able to group notifications from each app in the menu. To open and view the content, you just need to the tap the bundle to read individual messages and alerts. This feature is somewhat similar to that of Notifications stacks feature in Android Wear devices.

Enhanced battery life

If you had ever heard about Android Marshmallow, you know about Doze. Beginning with Android N, Doze will not only work while the smartphone is not in use but also when the display is turned off. According to Google, this technique will improve battery life to a large extent.

All-new Recent Apps

Android N has integrated an improved functionality of recent apps. If you double-tap the Recent Apps button from the home screen, you will be able to open the app used lastly. If you double-tap the button when the relevant app is already open, it will take you to the app you had viewed recently. Moreover, by pressing the Recent Apps menu, you will be able to open the menu of all recently-used apps. You can navigate through the apps by tapping the Recent Apps key continuously. The moment you stop pressing the key, the relevant app will open in full screen.

Improved Native File Manager

Google has improved the look and feel of the default file manager included with Android N. Some of the other new features of Android N native file browser are hamburger menus, ability to search using file types and folders including the capability to move and share files. Moreover, the file manager has also integrated Google Drive so that you can directly transfer the files from your smartphone to your Drive storage. With Android N, you can open multiple instances of the file manager. Hence, you can view images in one window and video in another window.