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Do aliens live on Mars? NASA images show three tall towers on red planet

UFO and alien buffs were having a field day again when they alleged the existence of aliens on the Red Planet from pictures sent by Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions. UFO enthusiasts claim that three tall towers which are standing in a perfect line are one more instance of the existence of highly intelligent living forms on the planet.

A video on the YouTube channel named Mundodesconocido, is showing the purported image of the three towers which is almost 4.8 km tall and are arranged in a perfectly straight line. It is a clear proof of the existence of intelligent forms on the planet. The three towers are a product of highly advanced technology, and it could not be a work of the wind or any other vagaries of nature.

The clip also features the 3D version of the three towers along with the original pictures. These blurry pictures were taken during the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions and are available to anyone on the web.

However, scientists from NASA are sceptical about the theory and said that the truth is far from what is being interpreted by the UFO buffs. On a closer scrutiny, these three so-called towers are not so perfectly arranged as it looks.

NASA thinks this is another instance of a phenomenon called pareidolia where the brain seems to typical artefacts to explain the world around them. The scientists pointed to the famous “Face on Mars”, where the purported site did not look like a face when seen from another perceptive.

In the last couple of years, a number of images have been interpreted by UFO buffs as a proof of the existence of aliens on Mars or other bodies. UFO enthusiasts quip that NASA routinely removes evidence of aliens from pictures beamed by its rovers and satellites. Most of these images can be termed as pareidolia, but there are instances which cannot be dismissed easily. Even scientists do not deny the possibility of the existence of life on Mars or its existence in the past.


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