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1More Piston Classic Review: Dynamic Sound at Decent Price

The Chinese audio brand 1More has recently launched their 1More Piston Classic in-ear headphone in India. The earphone was priced at Rs. 1,999, and it comes with braided cable, in line controller, and 3.5mm audio pin. The company has unveiled their low-cost earphone way back in June this year and it was appreciated for its decent sound and build quality. Nonetheless, the current offering from the company claims to offer best in class sound quality with excellent built. So, here is the review of 1More Piston Classic earphone.


The earphone comes in a nice plastic case covered by a cardboard material. The overall packaging was top notch as the earphone was wrapped around a squarish rubber material which comes with a dedicated wire placement slot. Beneath the earphone company provides three different sizes of earbuds which are placed upside down in a verticle slot. The earphone also comes with a steel made wire clipper for the adjustment of cable length.

Built and Design

The 1More Piston Classic comes with a nice tangled free design with a total length of 1.2m. The cable is braided, and its add excellent durability to the earphone. The ear tips are made from metal and adhere a lovely circular design which further offers excellent overall finishing. There is small circular vent just at the back of the center of the ear tip. Moreover, the edges/circumference are little sharp, and it may hurt users when they tried the insert the tip further in the ear canal.

Sound Quality

The overall sound output from these earphones is excellent, the 1More Piston Classic offer crisp and deep soundstage for every genre of the music. Considering the price point, the earphone provides 32ohms of impedance which is excellent and provide a broader dynamic range. The frequency response of the earphone is 20-20000Hz, and they offer crisp highs, great mids, and lows. The vocal is up to mark, and we can easily differentiate between different musical instrument.

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Coming the bass, the earphone offers deep and punchier bass response with beautiful clarity. The sound output does not muffle at high volumes, and it offers excellent noise isolation. However, at the low volume mids are sometimes vanished, but it depends on the genre of your music. All in all, the 1More classic piston earphone offers excellent sound quality with nice dynamic range.


The 1More Piston classic earphone comes with a sensitivity of 98dB which quite decent and allows us to enjoy music at high volume without hurting the ears. Moreover, the earphone adheres 5mW of rated power, and its frequency response lies between 20-20000Hz. It has a three button in-line controller for answering, ending or rejecting calls, and play music. It comes with pause functions as well as volume up and down. 1MORE Piston Classic earphones weigh around 13 grams and come with three pairs of soft earbuds of different sizes.


  • Great dynamic range
  • Deep and punchier bass response
  • Good Noise isolation
  • Good quality In-line remote control


  • The earbuds have sharp edges, not for long usage.


The 1More Piston Classic offers great value for the proposition. The earphone provides excellent sound quality with nice dynamic range. The overall aesthetics of the earphone is durable and eye-catching. Nonetheless, the like Xiaomi Mi HD earphone adheres the same specs of 1More Piston Classic, but it lacks in noise isolation. All in all the 1 More Piston Classic offers bangs for your bucks.