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1More iBFree In-ear Wireless Headphones Review: For the Fitness Freaks!

Sound One iBFree

After testing a bunch of 1More earphones, I get very excited whenever I see a new pair from 1More comes for testing & review. This one is wireless Bluetooth earphones from 1More with four vibrant color options and fantastic design. These headphones are mostly made for the fitness freak people to listen to music while they workout. 1More iBFree in-ear headphones are available on Amazon to buy with a price tag of Rs. 3,499.

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1More iBFree headphones are made out of mostly plastic with rubberized wire and wire strains. The earbud casing is all made out of plastic with a concentric circle pattern on the buds. The remote control is also made entirely of plastic, and the buttons are very clicky with the primary color accent on it.

Sound One iBFree

The main reason behind making the earbuds out of plastic material is to make them lightweight, so it stays in the ears while working out, walking or sprinting. The remote control has the three buttons, microphone and the micro USB port for charging. The buds come with wings (ear hook) pre-installed for more stability in ears, but they are removable so you can remove them if you want.

Sound One iBFree

The ear tips are angled which makes the buds easy to fit in the ears and hard to fall out while working out. The length of the wire can be adjusted accordingly using the small tab to keep the earbuds in place. A clip on the cable could have been a fantastic option so we can clip the wire on the t-shirt for holding the wire in place while running.

1More iBFree headphones are waterproof which means it can be used in the rain and are sweat proof. 1More iBFree wireless in-ear headphones come with a charging cable, two extra pairs of wings and ear tips (different sizes), 1More sticker and user manual.

Comfort and Performance

Talking about the comfort, these headphones are very comfortable and fits perfectly inside the ears. The wing on the earbuds is a great feature which adds another layer of comfort and grip to the earbuds. The earbuds are water and sweat proof to use it while working out or while raining.

Sound One iBFree

1More iBFree in-ear headphones are very loud with large drivers; it got its own volume levels apart from device’s so you don’t have to run to the device again to adjust volume. The mids and highs are super crisp and clear even at the maximum volume while connected to a PC or a laptop. The lows are also great, but 1More tuned the headphones for the fitness freak people, so you know these headphones are not bass heavy.

Sound One iBFree

The connectivity is not a problem, the Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity range is very long and can penetrate through walls. Using the Bluetooth 4.1 makes it easier to find on any device with Bluetooth 4.1 and above. Coming to the battery which is also a significant thing in wireless headphones, in our testing, the 1More in-ear wireless earphones ran for more than four hours with a single charge.


  • Amazing design and build quality
  • Lightweight


  • Battery performance could have been better


1More iBFree in-ear wireless headphones are the perfect value for money when it comes to the sound performance. The battery performance is not that great compared to some other wireless in-ear headphones. These headphones are available in four colors to choose from and available on Amazon to buy with a price tag of Rs. 3,499.