Toshiba C650-P5010 Laptop Review And Features (Specs & Price)

Posted on by Jason Sams

Toshiba C650-P5010 is an elegant laptop weighs the lightest in the satellite category, which has a stylish design, brilliant features with high quality and powerful processor. It fulfills all the desires of normal users and students providing with all the essential functionalities with its combination of hardware and processor.

Toshiba-C650-P5010-laptop review

This laptop has great looks, covered in precious black color with a glossy screen and the same glossy black keyboard. Finger prints can stick on the cover of the laptop which is a fingerprint magnet. It also has a dedicated number keypad which will be helpful for the students or users who often uses Excel.

Toshiba Satellite C650-P5010 laptop has a 15.6 inches LED-backlit screen which uses the High Definition Clear Super View technology. This laptop is powered by 2.3 GHz Intel Pentium Dual core T4500 processor with 3 GB of RAM.  The hard disk is 320 GB with a Dual Layer DVD Writer.

It offers wireless LAN and WLAN connectivity to help you with net surfing and DOS to handle all your and workloads. The combination of the processor and hardware will manage tasks like light photo editing, listening to music, web surfing, working on homework in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, plus providing sufficient storage space for many pictures and the capacity to watch a movie or DVD on Netflix.

It is equipped with all the essential ports that are required by you to connect an external device. On the left side, there is a Microphone jack and Headphone jack, card reader, VGA port, Ethernet port, 2 USB ports and Bluetooth device. You will also find a built-in web camera.


The operating system that comes preloaded with this laptop is completely outdated and after you buy this laptop you will have to install a newer operating system.


This is a great laptop which can easily suit your budget and give you with all the necessary functionalities that are required by a student or a normal user. It has plenty of RAM and provides a decent performance to its users. The price of this laptop is approx $599.

Toshiba-C650-P5010-laptop review

Toshiba C650-P5010 Specifications:

  1. Operating System: DOS
  2. Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor T4500 (2.3GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB)
  3. Memory: 3GB DDR3 RAM
  4. Hard Disk Drive: 320 GB
  5. Display screen size: 15.6 inches
  6. Camera: Built-in Camera
  7. Battery: Lithium Ion Battery
  8. Internet and Fax Utilities: Wi-Fi
  9. Computer Interfaces (Ports and Cards): USB Port, Fire Wire Port, Bluetooth
  10. Price: This laptop will cost you around Rs. 26000 in India ( approx $599 in US)