Nitin Agarwal – An entrepreneur by birth, blogger by choice, and geek by heart. He founded Sprouts Media, a blogs/websites network company that currently owns over 10 popular web properties, to cater his passion of journalism and entrepreneurship. He is also known as an avid reader, technology enthusiast, explorer, and a broken lover. His passion for knowledge keeps him running all the time.

A pure vegetarian, who believes in reincarnation & law of karma and follows the philosophy of “Live and let others Live” because all living beings have equal right on the resources of this planet. He loves to write about Technology and Social Issues on his blogs. He can be reached at agarwalnitin [at]

Faizan Azmatulla –  All he cares about are Gizmos and Gadget. He is right now pursuing M.D. and will be a doctor soon. He loves the world of Mobile, laptops and tablets. He also works as an internet marketing analyst for many websites and also responsible for the same here. You can send him an email at


Mary Rose – This tech savvy girl from New York is currently pursuing her masters in computer science in Los Angeles, MA. She has been writing reviews and articles for different web sites for the last six years and she is the chief-editor here. She has in-depth knowledge of all the gadgets and apps available. You can contact her at

Jenifer Franklin – Jenifer nurses a deep passion for any kind of technical or technological happenings all around the globe. She is currently putting up in LA. Internet is her forte and writing articles on the net for modern day technological wonders are her only hobby. You can find her at

Staff Writers

Steve Johnson – Steve hails from Connecticut and living in Los Angeles, CA. He has done his Bachelor’s in Information Sciences. He is completely nuts about new age laptops and touch smart phones. He is working full time with PC-Tablet and writes critical articles and reviews on the same subjects with immense flair. You can reach him at

Amy Ridenour – Amy is deeply passionate about engineering, science and technology. Texan by birth, she likes to travel and is a self-confessed global citizen. She writes for several reputed publications and is always looking to learn something new.

Sorab Ghaswalla – Sorab Ghaswalla is Founder & Principal of an India-based digital world consultancy firm, New Age Content Services LLP. Besides being an Internet Consultant and a journalist, Sorab is owner/Editor of 2 websites. He has over 27 years of experience in journalism and Content Management.

Andrew Roach – After finishing his Journalism and Linguistics degree in the UK, Andrew has carved a career for himself covering all the latest events in the tech world. When not writing or finding out about the latest gadgets, he can be found enjoying an ice cold beer in the warm Australian sun.

David Gitonga -David Gitonga is an avid reader and writer and has worked with various companies in the design, development, and maintenance of their websites. He has worked with many other websites as an online content marketing strategist in the field of tech, mobile, social media, design, and development. A tech-enthusiast at heart, he explores ways that businesses can leverage the Internet and move their businesses to the next level. He also works with various tech journals and popular websites that report on industry news, especially in the mobile and cloud computing field. He holds a degree in Information Technology.

Justin David Hebert – A tech-loving blogger from Central California who loves innovation, intuitive design, and the entrepreneur spirit. When not writing about the newest gadgets and productivity tools, he is spending time with his family, probably by teaching his 3-year-old how to use his iPad to learn the alphabet.

Jason Sams – Jason is an all-around geek who loves learning new stuff every day. With a background in computer science and a passion for web-based technologies and Gadgets, Jason focuses on writing about Web Trends, Smartphones and Tablets. You can contact him at

Mark Greentree – Mark is a feature writer and reviewer for the technology industry. His area of expertise is in the eco-system surrounding that great Apple tree in Cupertino. Besides written endeavours, Mark is also a podcaster. He is the host of Not Another Mac Podcast, an Apple based round table discussion with Mac users and experts from all over the world. Mark is also the co-host of the Geekiest Show Ever, Track Talk, The Nintendo Club Podcast and the International Film Club podcast.

Orestes Papanastassiou – Orestes Papanastassiou is a mobile editor at PC-Tablet. He is a freelance writer based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Pap has been in the mobile world since 2008 and has been blogging since late 2010.

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