Google Publishes Windows 8.1 Exploit After Giving Microsoft 90 days to fix Issue


Microsoft is facing a fair amount of backlash after Google released an exploit that is related to Windows 8.1. From what we understand, Google via its Project Zero team, found the exploit and gave Microsoft 90 days to fix it before releasing it to the public. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not fix the issue in time, […]

EU permits to remove 5 years old Microsoft browser ballot From Windows

EU permits to remove 5 years old Microsoft browser ballot From Windows

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) — Back in 2009, the European Commission ruled against Microsoft in a bit for better competition in the web browser space. This forced the software giant to create a hub to allow users to choose which browser they want to use apart from Internet Explorer. Yesterday, the obligation ended, which means […]

Predictions say Android sales will exceed 1 Billion devices


Gartner, a market research company estimates that 1.1 billion Android devices would reach the market this year with the improved sales of Windows and huge sales of Apple devices. According to the market analysis of Gartner, shipments of desktop PCs, tablets, laptops and mobile phones of different shapes and dimensions would boost by 7.6 percent […]

Microsoft Surface 2 May Be Huge Failure Like Its Predessor

surface 2 tablets

Microsoft Surface 2 may be a huge flop like its predecessor the original Microsoft Surface. The original Surface from Microsoft was a big flop in the retail market, leaving the company in $900 million loss. The first tablet of the company focused on offering a list of items that iPad did not, such as Microsoft […]

Microsoft should start focus on one – Either Android or iOS!

windows phone 8

Android and iOS were once the only operating mobile OS platforms which together accounted for 90% of the devices. However with the entry of the Windows Phone OS, the stakes have increased substantially. However it is interesting to debate which of the two OS does Microsoft considers its immediate rival and competitor? Both Android OS […]

Threshold: The codename for Microsoft Windows’ next big wave revealed


While the tech gurus are speculating about Microsoft’s plans on operating system following Windows 8.1, with people expecting a major release of Windows in the Spring of 2015, there seems to be a small breakthrough in these speculations. We call it small because there seem to be only a confirmation of Microsoft’s codename for the […]

MediaFire unveils Desktop App for Windows and OS X


A desktop version for the Windows and Mac OSX users has been launched by the online storage service MediaFire. The desktop version by MediaFire enables the users to upload, collaborate, and share media instantly from the computer to the cloud. CEO Derek Labian said in a statement, “With MediaFire Desktop, we looked to create an […]

Microsoft updates Skype for Windows 8.1 App


Skype for Windows 8 was around for a while until Skype for Windows 8.1 was rolled out. Different people have different taste and so different experience. That’s what happened when Skype for Windows 8.1 was rolled out. Windows 8.1 users reported certain issues with Skype when they first downloaded the application for the updated version […]

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer bids a tearful adieu


Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer is due to retire next year. It was an occasion to remember and Steve did not contain himself and danced his heart fill at his farewell. It was the last company meeting for the Microsoft Boss, a company in which he had worked for 33 years. Steve Ballmer bid a tearful […]