Nokia (NOK) Lumia Windows 8 tablet rumored to release on Verizon

Windows 8 tablet

Even though there’s a word on the street about Windows RT tablet failing badly to appease tablet-friendly generation, the Finnish giant – Nokia (NOK) has put up a brave act, worth applauding. The company has planned to launch the Windows RT tablet somewhere around the last week of September, reveals sources close to Nokia. Yes, […]

Dell Latitude 10 Windows 8 Tablet Specs, Price and Features Review


Ever since the launch of Windows 8 late last year, computing devices of all shapes and sizes have come and go, with almost everyone touting the hybrid of notebook and tablet being the next big thing. Dell, however, has decidedly gone down the less fancy route with the Dell Latitude 10 Windows 8 tablet. Design-wise, […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Release Event gets cancelled due to Nemo


As North America shivers and waits in a despondent mood the approaching Winter Blizzard Nemo, the blizzard has already taken its first victim, the Microsoft’s Surface Pro launch. The event was to be launched in New York and Microsoft had sent the invitations to a selected few. However the weather played spoil sport and the […]

Asus VivoTab RT Windows Tablet specs review, price, and overview

vivotab rt

When talking about the laptops, Asus is a name which does not need any introduction. With its good laptops launched in past, Asus has availed a special spot among the laptop manufacturers. ASUS VivoTab RT is a new tablet cum laptop from Asus which is based on Windows RT. The best part of ASUS VivoTab […]

Nokia Lumia Windows RT Tablet to be unveiled in February 2013?


The Nokia 10-inch Windows RT Tablet rumors have come on and off. However, the rumor has again returned with a fair degree of reliability. The Nokia Windows RT is a 10 inch tablet and is said to be released in February 2013. Insiders claim that Nokia is in talks with Qualcomm for using the Snapdragon […]

Microsoft Surface Pro has only 4 to 5 hours battery life


Microsoft has recently admitted that the forthcoming Surface Pro tablet will be having only half the battery life as compared to Surface RT which has ignited a debate about the costs of using Intel instead of ARM. The Surface RT which was released by Microsoft had a good battery life. The Surface RT had the […]