Microsoft Xbox One outsells Sony PS4 during Cyber Monday/Black Friday sales


Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One outsells Sony PlayStation 4 in U.S. during the Black Friday sales, according to market analytic firm InfoScout. Xbox One incorporated to 53 percent out of the total console sold during Black Friday. Xbox One is the second most powerful console after PlayStation 4 for most of 2014. The PS4 made up […]

Xbox One vs Sony PlayStation 4 Specs: Graphics Comparison


Both Microsoft and Sony are ready with their next generation gaming consoles. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are ready to take on the market and are expected to be released later this year. Within few months the game lovers will be able to choose between two consoles that are scheduled to be launched this […]

Sony PlayStation 4 Price, Specs, PS4 Release Date – Everything you need to know!

sony ps4

The latest move by Sony in the gaming world through a set of shocking revelations on the PlayStation 4 has left the gaming world shaken and more importantly, it has trembled its competitor Microsoft quite noticeably. Making visible and appealing modifications in the price, design and common sense; Sony has shown it to the world […]

Sony PlayStation 4 Rumors: PS4 Release Date, Specs news leaked

PlayStation 4

Some insiders of one of the world’s leading electronic manufacturer, Sony have leaked the information about the upcoming Sony PS 4 device. If reports are to be believed, Sony itself leaked the plans for developing PS 4 device in the month of February, this year. However, details about its launch, specifications and features are yet […]

Sony PlayStation 4 Price, PS4 Release Date Rumors update: $400 or less?

PlayStation 4

Initially rumors were spread all around on the price for Sony PS4. It was expected that Sony PlayStation 4 may cost nearly $400 or less. According to industry insiders and leaked documents, The Times said that “PS4 may cost nearly $469 in UK and in US dollar it rounded nearly $400.” Though at that time […]

Sony PlayStation 4 Features DualShock 4 controller and 8-core x86 processor


One of the most awaited gaming consoles, PlayStation 4 is finally announced by the company yesterday in a press conference in New York City. The next generation gaming console might hit the market shelves in Holidays 2013. The look of the PlayStation 4 and its specifications are still under wraps. Sony didn’t reveal any of […]

PlayStation 4 Release Date – PS 4 to be Released In November 2013 by Sony

ps4 game controller

PlayStation 4 according to a reliable source, will be out in November 2013 in United Status. The codename given for PlayStation project is Orbis. As per the repot posted by the source, PlayStation 4 is planned to be launched with two different models, but the price will not possible be revealed until late this year. […]