Sony to enter China gaming market with the launch of PlayStation 4 for $468

Sony to enter China gaming market with the launch of PlayStation 4 for $468

Sony Crop. (NYSE: SNE) has been slow in its response to Microsoft and its launch of the Xbox One in China. However, a new report coming out of the country claims that the Japanese giant is making headways into the country with the PlayStation 4, and it could cost less to acquire when compared to […]

NVIDIA’s Battlebox gaming rigs hits Mumbai

We got hands-on with NVIDIA's Battlebox gaming rigs at Korum Mall in Mumbai

NVIDIA’s GeForce unit has been collaboratively working together with its designing and manufacturing partners like ASUS and Cooler Master, in order to fabricate the ultimate gaming machines – The Battlebox Rigs. These next gen. gaming rigs, which are known to be the future ready machines are meant to deliver the astonishing gaming experience to enthusiasts. […]

Sony PS Vita TV Features Annouced


The Sony PS Vita has created a buzz in the market since the time Sony has announced its launch. However, with completely new features, this is something that deserves a mention indeed. Let’s take a look at what it sports. Without the screen and controls, the Sony PS Vita is reduced to a tiny sylphlike […]

Sony PlayStation 4 goes on sale in India, available for Rs. 39990

Sony PlayStation 4

The anxious digital game lovers in India can respire now, as the much awaited, respected gaming console of the Japanese Technological firm, ‘’Sony Corporation’’ is finally on sale in India on the e- commerce website Flipkart .com. effectively from 6th of January 2014. Sony PlayStation 4 forays with improved and amazing features in India. The […]

PlayStation 4 Takes Top Spot In Its Battle With The Xbox One


The next generation of gaming consoles has been released by both Microsoft and Sony in the form of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Gaming Industry is already rife with discussions as to who is going to get the crown as the numero uno of the console market. The signs are increasingly getting clearer and […]

PlayStation 4 Is Now Being Sold In Bundles At Walmart, Newegg, Amazon


Gamers who have shelled out money and pre ordered Playstation 4 will be happy since they will be getting their hands on this console soon. However, those who have not booked the device prior and now regretting as its not available to order can still get it; only this time they will have to pay […]

Xbox One Controller Doesn’t Measure Up to Playstation 4’s DualShock 4

xbox one controller

Microsoft had launched its next gen gaming console, Xbox One in November. After having a good look over the console, Experts have opined it is good with excellent potential except for one aberration, the Xbox Controller. On first look, it seems to be an upgrade of the Xbox 360 controller. However, the biggest problem is […]

Sony PlayStation 4 to be Launched in India


This December game lovers will have a lot to be happy about as Sony has announced the launch of its Gen-Next gaming console PlayStation 4. With this Sony has moved a step further from its rival Microsoft in India. Microsoft has not yet come up with an official confirmation from their side regarding the launch of their […]

Bungie Destiny for Sony Playstation 4 Release Date Announced

destiny splash PSU

It is now official that Bungie will releasing Destiny and has delayed the launch of the Destiny Beta to a later date. However, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get their hands on an early playable beta version. Bungie has announced the release date of the Destiny for September 9, 2014. It is the […]

This is how to get Xbox One or PlayStation 4 before Christmas


If you are thinking of getting a PlayStation 4 to present it as a gift on Christmas, rest assured that it is not going to be easy. Neither is it going to be come cheap. Of course if you are planning to get the gift for Easter. One of the reasons for unavailability of the […]