Late Holiday Season Video Game Deals


This article carries all the latest Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PS4, Xbox 360, Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii U games and accessories holiday deals. It’s the time to shop for your video game loving loved ones. And save even more, when you trade in your current games and electronics towards the purchase of a new PlayStation […]

Nintendo Wii U Cyber Monday Games Deals, Mario, Bayonetta 2


Nintendo Wii U gaming set is on sold on Amazon ranging from $336.Will U is back with large screen of 6.2″ 16:9 LCD touch screen which make it more easy for user interference. Console works with most games from the original Wii console, as well as the Wii Remote, Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuk controllers, Balance […]

Nintendo Offering Wii U Console for $50 Less Price

To opposite the weak sales effect and attract gamers more towards it, Nintendo is offering offer a hefty $50 price cut for its 32GB Wii U console. The Japanese game maker yesterday announced that it is slashing the price of its Wii U video-game system in a bid to remain in competition with release of […]

Nintendo Wii U Review- Is it the best gaming console out in the market?


Nintendo, the company that is believed to be a pioneer in gaming has yet again come into the limelight for bringing forth its new Wii U console. The old and boring looking GamePad has got revolutionized once again by the new Nintendo Wii U console. Aptly, considered to be the successor of Wii, Nintendo Wii U […]

Nintendo Wii ZombiU Game Features and Review

Dishonored PC Game Gameplay 3

Being a lone survivor in a zombie infested city is not a new concept. However simple ideas like these with the addition of right ingredients can turn into fun filled games. In this review we take a look at the newly launched ZombiU game and check whether ZombiU is the next best zombie game for […]

Nintendo Wii U Console sales – 40K units over the launch weekend in UK


Nintendo Wii U – the new gaming console has received fair response from gamers in the UK over the launch weekend. Nintendo has confirmed selling of 40,000 units in the UK within first two days of its official launch. The Wii U console launched on the 30th of November in three different bundle configurations – […]

Nintendo Wii U Release Date Next Month but Pre-Orders Diminish


The Nintendo Wii U is to be released on November 18 2012. Already the supply woes have started. Most of the online stores and retail outlets are exhibiting closed up and not in stock notices. This has left users with dwindling options for getting their hand on the latest release from Big N. The only […]

Nintendo Wii U Release Date: It is “Surprisingly Powerful”, Says Ubisoft


Nintendo’s Wii has always found itself as a mismatch with its better and present generation counterparts. It is not surprising that most fans of the game had been vociferous about the Wii U as well and their greatest fear being Nintendo may be making the very same mistake again as it had done in the […]

Nintendo Wii U Features & Design – Short Review

"Wii U"

The Nintendo Wii U is a very unique and interesting concept. The Wii U pad has some very unusual potential and it lets the user to interact with the games in a number of innovative ways and also opens up a number of prospects for new types of gaming. The pre-orders were already sold out […]