Cyber Monday deals on laptop, huge discounts on Chromebook and Surface lineup

Cyber Monday deals on laptop, huge discounts on Chromebook and Surface lineup

Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Microsoft Store is offering killer deals on laptops for Cyber Monday. These include the Chromebook and Surface lineup as well. If you are planning to get one for yourself or to gift someone, this is the right time you should seal the deal. Acer C720 Chromebook Amazon is offering this Chromebook […]

Microsoft Surface 2 May Be Huge Failure Like Its Predessor

surface 2 tablets

Microsoft Surface 2 may be a huge flop like its predecessor the original Microsoft Surface. The original Surface from Microsoft was a big flop in the retail market, leaving the company in $900 million loss. The first tablet of the company focused on offering a list of items that iPad did not, such as Microsoft […]

Windows RT is a failure, Microsoft!


As quoted by Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It’s just the courage to continue that counts”. Windows RT device makers are finding it difficult to clear off their inventory and the warehouses are racked up in piles. Microsoft didn’t knew what they were doing. Microsoft itself has their own device […]

Will the Surface Smartphone launch bite into Lumia 920 sales?

Nokia Lumia 920

Microsoft and Nokia had a very good relationship. However with Microsoft in the process of launching the Surface Smartphone and Nokia is taking guard against a formidable opponent. The Surface Tablet will be pitched straight with the Lumia 920. Nokia may not have cared about this before but the scenario is completely different today. The […]

Microsoft Surface Pro E-orders for 128GB to ship in 2-3 weeks

Surface Pro

The web was hot with the news regarding the launch of Surface Pro. Everyone was excited about the tablet’s launch. That excitement was not only a show-off, but took practical form resulting the ‘sold-out’ tag to appear on the stocks of this esteemed tablet, after a few hours of its availability. To please all those […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Problem – Almost Impossible To Repair Reports Ifixit


There is bad news for Microsoft Surface Pro users if their precious device hits a snag. It is a tough job for any hardware repair man to set right the snag. Why? Well just hear this; the Surface Pro has an incredible 90 different screws within its chic looking body. The device is almost impossible […]

Best Buy and Wallmart to sell Surface Tablet in their Retail Stores

"Best Buy"

Microsoft is also going to sell its Surface range from other retail outlets. Staples became the first retail outlet to sell the Surface RT tablet from its stores. Today it has become official that Best Buy will also start selling the Microsoft Surface Tablet. By Saturday, more than 1400 Best Buy stores will have  the […]

Microsoft to sell Surface tablets through retailers in two-phase rollout


Is Microsoft planning to sell its Surface RT devices through retail outlets, which are not a part of the Microsoft authorized chain? According to Windows Weekly Co-host-Host Paul Thurrot, there could be some truth in this rumor since it has been sourced to highly reliable sources. According to Mr. Thurrot, he has learnt from highly […]