Why Microsoft Cut the Surface RT Price by $100


With each release of a new and better device, companies have to cut down on the retail prices of what they have on offer especially if the new market entrants feature superior quality or are within the same range but sell at a cheaper price. The latest culprit of this indisputable market force is Microsoft […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet Prices slashed by 30%, now starts at $349

Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) has announced the price cut on its Surface line up of Windows 8 and Windows RT Tablets. The reason of price cut-down is weak sales and tablet fails to compete with Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPad. According to Microsoft Store website, the starting least expensive Windows RT based Surface RT 32GB tablet is […]

Microsoft to discount Surface RT prices by 38% in Two Months due to Slow sales


According to Dealnews, the price of the Microsoft Surface could fall by almost 38% in two months. We may see a repeat of the scenario witnessed with the Blackberry Playbook.Things have not been exactly as Microsoft has been planning. For one, the lack of retail outlets  has been felt acutely by Microsoft. Microsoft has now […]

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Gets Endorsed by Oprah Winfrey


Microsoft Surface Tablet has impressed Oprah Winfrey, the undisputed Queen of Gab, and she has included it in her favorite list of things in 2012. Oprah was impressed by its cool features and has compared it to holding a Mercedes Benz in your hand. The thumbs up from Oprah could not have come at a […]

Microsoft Surface RT: Review, Specs, Price and Initial impressions


Microsoft has officially announced the next generation Windows – Windows 8, yesterday at special event in New York. With the release of Windows 8, a new range of devices has flooded the market but one of the most anticipated and eye catching Windows 8 device is developed by the Microsoft itself. Yes, we are talking […]