Cyber Monday deals on laptop, huge discounts on Chromebook and Surface lineup

Cyber Monday deals on laptop, huge discounts on Chromebook and Surface lineup

Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Microsoft Store is offering killer deals on laptops for Cyber Monday. These include the Chromebook and Surface lineup as well. If you are planning to get one for yourself or to gift someone, this is the right time you should seal the deal. Acer C720 Chromebook Amazon is offering this Chromebook […]

Microsoft Surface Pro E-orders for 128GB to ship in 2-3 weeks

Surface Pro

The web was hot with the news regarding the launch of Surface Pro. Everyone was excited about the tablet’s launch. That excitement was not only a show-off, but took practical form resulting the ‘sold-out’ tag to appear on the stocks of this esteemed tablet, after a few hours of its availability. To please all those […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Problem – Almost Impossible To Repair Reports Ifixit


There is bad news for Microsoft Surface Pro users if their precious device hits a snag. It is a tough job for any hardware repair man to set right the snag. Why? Well just hear this; the Surface Pro has an incredible 90 different screws within its chic looking body. The device is almost impossible […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Specs and Feature Details – Who should buy it?

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro has been categorized as a tablet but its features resemble more of a laptop.  Is the Microsoft Surface Pro the right choice? Do you want a LapTop, a Hybrid or a tablet? Here are some questions which will enable you to understand whether buying a Hybrid makes sense. The Surface Pro […]

Microsoft Surface Pro release spoiled by short supply

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft is on cloud nine after very positive feedback of its Surface Pro which has hit the shelves for sale. However short supply of stocks is making a lot many potential buyers angry who found the out of stock notice staring at their faces. What would say if you are invited for a launch and […]

Microsoft Surface Pro first TV Commercial Advertisement Aired


Microsoft finally unveiled the first commercial for ‘Microsoft Surface Pro’. The commercial is directed by Jon M. Chu; the man behind Surface Windows RT commercial. Featuring break dancing and beat boxers, this is a pretty funny commercial showcasing the work area of corporate. It was first aired last night in Grammy awards. Microsoft’s Panos Panay […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Usable storage figures officially discloses by Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro went on sale today. Microsoft had planned an event to officially begin the sale of the device in New York which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the Blizzard Nemo. Microsoft calls the Surface Pro a very powerful PC in a tablet form. Microsoft has also revealed the storage space […]

Microsoft Surface Pro sells out at Microsoft’s online store in the U.S.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro came to the Microsoft’s Online Store in the U.S. yesterday and went out of stock after just a few hours. The tag of ‘In Stock’ got converted into ‘Out of Stock’ in a very short time. As of now, both the 128GB and 64GB models hold the tag of ‘Out of Stock’ […]