Apple iPhone 6S Specs – Everything you need to know about the next iPhone

iphone 6s

It’s been couple of months since Apple introduced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The overwhelmingly welcomed iPhones proved many rumours and reports true. While its just few months the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have launched, the Cupertino company must have already started working on the next iPhone. The rumours and reports about […]

Android Phones Made Less Christmas Sales This Year Than Apple’s iOS


IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark report shows that mobile phone devices such as android and iOS have made tremendous sales on the Christmas day motivated by popular social media sites. People love to buy latest electronic devices for themselves and their loved ones during the Christmas celebration. Recently a post-Christmas sales analysis benchmark report published by […]

Set Solution’s Rendering Of The Upcoming iPhone Air and iPhone 6C


Will Set Solutions be right about the iPhone Air and iPhone 6C ? With each year the top smartphone companies are coming up with devices that have engaged human imagination to think of better and brighter future. Perhaps the rapidly changing design and technology of upcoming devices in the market has opened up the vista […]

Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5: Which Flagship will set the trend in 2014?


The intense rivalry continues between Samsung and Apple and without any doubt, the rivalry will continue in coming year. The future plans of both the companies continue to be intricately woven with what other does. Apple will be releasing its next iteration of its Smartphone, the iPhone 6 while Samsung will be releasing its next […]

Apple Inc. iPhone 6 release rumors

Apple Inc.

Apple is on a patent acquiring spree and rumors have already started to fly about the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6. For a couple of iterations of its iPhone Apple has been adding small features and its fans are not impressed this time. Apple is fast losing its carefully cultivated image as a hub […]

Will you buy an Apple iPhone 6 with 4.5-inch or 5.5-inch Curved Screen?

Apple iPhone

The reason behind Apple’s latest fetish for curved glass and enhanced sensors has been revealed! According to a person familiar with Apple’s plans, the company is developing bigger iPhone screens with curved glasses and enhanced sensors, so that it becomes easier to detect the different levels of pressure. A couple of the iPhones slated for […]

Apple iPhone 6 may release with professional photography features

iphone 5s

Apple has significantly improved the camera quality and features in iPhone 5S but it’s still much behind in smartphone camera technology if compared to Nokia and Sony. There are reports that the iPhone 6 will be released after massive upgrades and will also feature a camera which will be rubbing shoulders with the best professional […]