Intel Announces the Launch of its Fifth Generation Broadwell Processors


The Internet of Things isn’t new, as many companies have been creating devices that are capable of transforming a dumb home into a smart one. Insteon has been doing this for years, but now the newcomer, Nest, is making a big appearance. Nest started off with just a mere thermostat and smoke detector, though it […]

Intel Inside for next generation Google Glass wearable, claims report


Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) will be relying on Intel to power the next version of Google Glass, which is expected to release next year. The Texas Instruments made processor of the current version of the Glass will be replaced with Intel’s unnamed mobile chip. This report comes from WSJ, which doesn’t have any technical details about […]

Next generation Google Glass will be powered by Intel SoC Chips

Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC)

Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) — As per a new report, the second-gen Google Glass is being developed and will be powered by an Intel processor. A California-based company is required to supply the chips for the upcoming version of Google Glass in 2015. “Intel plans to promote Glass to companies such as hospital networks and […]

Intel to enter Indian market with budget tablets

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US based chipmaker Intel is working closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to bring tablets based on its chipsets starting Rs10, 000 in India, among the world’s fastest growing markets for mobile devices. Not only this, the chipmaker company also outlines its mobility roadmap of year 2014. During a press meet in New Delhi, Sandeep […]

Intel Emotion Sensing cameras will make your smartphones more intuitive

"Intel Emotion Sensing Tech "

Why call a smartphone a smartphone? Well it has got brains and does an amazing number of tasks which was never envisaged when Graham Bell invented the Telephone or Marconi the wireless. Consolidation is the buzz word now with a number of tasks being rolled into one and done by the smartphone. Samsung is going […]

Intel develops New Silvermont Atom Architecture


Intel will be readying for the launch of its next gen Core Haswell chips which are custom made for tablets and notebooks. The chip is slated for release sometime in June. The Haswell chip will also lay the framework for a new architecture which will be the basis of a new era of low cost […]

ZTE Reveals the Intel Powered ‘ZTE Geek’ Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Smartphone

ZTE Geek

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE has revealed the ‘ZTE Geek’ smartphone. The company announced the smartphone at Intel Developer Forum (IDF)  in Beijing. The best eye-catching part of the smartphone is its processor which is Intel’s 2GHz Clover Trail+ dual-core processor. This processor was announced by Intel at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013. Lenovo K900 was the first smartphone […]

Windows Blue only for Intel Haswell featured ultrabooks?


There is some good news on the upcoming update to the Windows 8 OS platform. The Windows Blue has been custom made for the next generation Intel Chip, the Haswell. The Haswell chip is a revolutionary chip which has been created by Intel for the next generation mobile devices. The Haswell chip has a number […]

iPhone 6 could feature the Intel Chipset

iphone 6

The iPhone 6 could feature the futuristic Intel Chips. According to latest reports from Reuters, Intel is pushing hard to strike a deal with Apple which could lead to the Intel Chipset being featured on the next iPhone 6. It would be a huge step for Intel and will lay the foundation for a more […]