BlackBerry Cuts Down Smartphones Prices


Canadian Smartphone manufacturer – BlackBerry in not so surprising move has announced a cut in the prices of its latest handsets for existing enterprise customers. This means, customers can now purchase BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Z 10 at lower prices. BlackBerry Smartphone Prices Slashed Company announced the phones are available for retail customers through e-commerce […]

The BlackBerry Diwali Bonanza: BlackBerry Z10 now available at ?29,990

BB Z 10

It seems like the BlackBerry fans are up for a Diwali bonanza. As a special festive offer, BlackBerry has reduced the price of its Z10 smartphone from ? 35000 to ?29,990. Thus, you can purchase the Z10 smartphone from the online retailers at this all new reduced price till Diwali this year. Speaking to the Mobile […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Blackberry Z10 compared- Which one to buy

BB Z10

Touch screen smartphones have invaded the mobile market since the day they were introduced. But with this invasion comes the dilemma for the people to resolve. What would be the best handset to buy? And when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S4 and Blackberry Z10, there is a sure answer to give. Samsung Galaxy S4 […]

BlackBerry Z10 Specs, Price and Review of the new BB 10 Phone

bb z10 design

At its peak, BlackBerry ruled both the business market and the budget one, thanks largely to the brand’s communicative expertise – email was rock solid, while the proprietary BB Messenger was free, very handy and served as a means to get new punters in, since it only works between BlackBerry handsets. Alas, times changed, consumers demanded more from their phones and BlackBerry began to […]