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Android KitKat 4.4.4 Update causes Battery Drain Problem in Moto X

The Android KitKat 4.4.4 software update was officially rolled out for MOTO X few weeks ago. It was one of the first smartphone to receive the final version of Android 4.4 KitKat update. But according to recently published reports, this update is causing serious battery drainage issue on Moto X.

The KitKat update was supposed to bring several improvements in the performance as well in Camera and Visual Voicemail feature of the phone. Additionally, the software update also offered different security-related improvements & stability fixes. But unfortunately, this program ended up raising a fleet of new issues and bugs of its own. Moto X users expressed out their frustrations at the Motorola forums. However, it is still hidden that the same problems occurred in the other devices or not.

Some of the Motorola handsets which received the Android KitKat 4.4.4 OS Update are DROID Maxx, DROID Mini, DROID Ultra, Moto E, Moto X, Moto G.

The other devices that are supposed to receive an update within this month or in the first week of August are: HTC’s M7 & M8, whereas other HTC handsets will follow the suite in coming September. Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers haven’t yet disclosed when they are going to roll out the new Android Software Update.

Android KitKat 4.4.4 Update causes Battery Drain Problem in Moto X

In order to install the Android KitKat 4.4.4 OS Update, there must be 285 MB of free space in your smartphone. And do remember to have enough battery and strong internet connection. The update will be delivered via OTA software update feature available in Android smartphones.

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ESET – One of the global security solution providers, serving for businesses and consumers market. ESET has marked ‘Advanced+’ award and bagged first place in False alarm test among 23 other security products.

Tested in the latest AV-Comparatives File Detection Test report, ESET Smart Security sucessfully managed to block 98.8 percent of the malicious software and gained top position in false positive alarm test.

 ESET antivirus did not record any false positive alarm in the test. According to the report, a product which detects less malicious files but generates fewer false alarms is a better security solution.

Mr Pankaj Jain, Director at ESET said, “We are very proud to be the winners of the award and take this opportunity to thank our researchers who are helping us in updating and upgrading the antivirus on real time basis. It is a good sign that ESET won the test and is moving ahead. We are confident that ESET security products will definitely give our customers a safe zone of browsing and avoid false alarms.”s a better security solution.

In the test, up to 21st February 2014, malicious Malware were collected consists of 125977 malware samples. The products had Internet/cloud-access during the test, were last updated on the 7th of March 2014.

It was tested under Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-Bit. All updated security products were considered for the test. All products were tested using default settings.

Source: Company release.

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Sony has introduced software which logs a person’s activities on an interactive timeline.

It is a life logging software which makes a recording when the user talks to his friends, receives emails, watch movies and different Smartphone actions.

Sony shows off life logging app and kit

Besides this, the Android based app also receives data with the aid of a tiny, miniaturized piece of wearable hardware. The wearable hardware is known as Core and acts as an activity tracker. The software then analyzes the data received from the wearable hardware and uses it to determine if the user is walking, resting or driving a vehicle.

However the recent NSA snooping scandal has increased worries that spy agencies will force companies to share information stored about their users.

However Sony was quick to play down these issues. Speaking to BBC, Sony has assured that it treats the protection of its users’ personal data with the highest strictness and honesty, adhering to legalities and making sure it remains protected under appropriate technological procedures.

Sony added “Upon first sign-in to Lifelog app, we make it clear absolutely clear what data users are submitting, how it is being used and provide them with option of opting in or out before proceeding.”

Sony has said that it would target the younger generation since they are more likely to have their activities logged with the services as compared to older ones.

Sony did, however, acknowledge that younger users were more likely to be willing to let their activities

The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

What are the benefits of Lifelog? To start with, it gives one a better ability to understand and polish behaviors’ by gathering data about ourselves.

Jun Makino, a senior product manager at Sony told the BBC “Today’s alternatives can log your sleep and steps. But there’s more to life. We want to help you rediscover the best memories from the past as well as make smarter decisions for the future.”


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Gibson Security had earlier warned Snapchat about vulnerabilities in its app.

A lot has been said about the security lacunae of Snapchat accounts and with each day new revelations come forward. Hackers have downloaded both user names and phone numbers of nearly 4.6 million Snapchat accounts and the data has been posted temporarily online.

SnapchatDB, this is the website which has released the data online but thankfully has censored the last two digits of the phone numbers. The website has however taken the data offline but the cached version is still available.

"Snapchat hack"

The hack has occurred days after such a possibility has been warned by an Australian firm Gibson Security. Gibson Security has warned of such a security lacuna in the Snapchat’s app which can be exploited by hackers.

Gibson Securities has categorically stated that it is not involved in the hack and said; “We know nothing about SnapchatDB, but it was a matter of time till something like that happened,” the firm tweeted.

The hackers who published the data said that they had used the security loophole which has been pointed by Gibson Security. The hackers said that they had used a modified version of Gibson Security method.

Snapchat app allows persons to share pictures, which they delete themselves after viewing. Snapchat has become tremendously popular and also has a feature known as Find Friends enabling users to    upload their address book contacts to help find friends who are also on Snapchat.

Gibson Security had in its report published on 25 December, warned the susceptibility of the Snapchat app and could be used to reveal the phone numbers of users. The firm had warned about the possibility to Snapchat four months back but it did not do anything

Gibson Security even laid bare the process used to effect the hack and revealed that  it was possible to go through 10000 phone numbers of Snapchat users in less than 7 minutes with the aid of a gigabit line on a virtual server.

Snapchat acknowledged a possible susceptibility but said it had taken measures to protect user data.

Their latest changes are still not too hard to circumvent

Snapchat said in a blog post last week “Theoretically, if someone were able to upload a huge set of phone numbers, like every number in an area code, or every possible number in the US, they could create a database of the results and match usernames to phone numbers that way,”.


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A few days ago ZSNet had published an article about a security lacuna in Snapchat.

Hackers can connect usernames to phone numbers for use in stalking. The discovery was traced to white hat Gibson Security researchers. The latter had tried to notify Snapchat but it was ignored. Gibson Security has published its exploits on Christmas Eve. This forced Snapchat to issue a rather ambiguous statement which implied that the process is not practically possible. Snapchat further informed that it has placed into place a number of countermeasures which sought to preempt any such possibility.


The statement which was issued by Snapchat does not look very reassuring.

Snapchat goes on to say that theoratically it is possible for someone to upload a large number of phone numbers including area codes or even all the numbers possible in US. It could be possible to create a database and then match usernames to phone numbers. However there are a number of safeguards which has been effected and it will make such a possibility very bleak.

Snapchat has not elaborated how these countermeasures will work. It could feature measures like automated systems that scan suspicious activity that may be someone trying to match names and numbers, rate limiting or bad IP blocking.  However the ambiguity in the statement released by Snapchat may not be very reassuring to the users.

Snapchat may be correct when it says that it is difficult to dig out someone’s phone number based on username or vice versa. It cannot completely firewall such a possibility since it is helpful to users seeking their friends through their phone’s address book. Still there are privacy issues which need to be taken care of.

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The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be getting a software update from today. However it will not be the Android 4.4. KitKat but don’t worry, the update will bring a lot of features which will be seeing for the first time. The Update will also take care of a number of bugs and will also see the appearance of a few apps.

The update was first noticed on the Verizon support pages and users have also confirmed that the update has started rolling out. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 users will be seeing the new update today. The update is believed to take care of a number of bugs which has been plaguing the Verizon devices and will also help to improve the performance of the devices.


Both Verizon and Samsung will be taking care of a number of bugs which has been affecting the devices. The software update carries a notification no JSS15J.N900VVRUBMJE and the users are sure to see a quantitative improvement in the performance of the Galaxy Note 3. A number of issues have been solved and this includes incoming call Picture Me image issue. The entry with the S-Pen stylus in emails and some SMS messages has been fixed and so have the e mail connectivity problems. The updates are also touted to improve the general 4G LTE connectivity.

Many users have been complaining that Blue Tooth audio streaming is getting affected immediately after any incoming calls. This issue has also been fixed by the latest update. The update has also solved the WiFi hotspot connectivity and reliability from dropping. The update also improves the Samsung keyboard and Verizon has asserted that the notification pulldown bar will be smoother and more responsive.

Thus Verizon has improved the sound quality as well as the connectivity features of the device. This has been made possible by enabling the Band 4 AWS spectrum. The only downside which is being rumored is that they have also added a huge load of bloatware. The update brings with itself four brand new app which will be taking some space on your smartphone. However it is unavoidable but if you do not want it you can also remove it. The four apps are Verizon Cloud, VMWare, a new Verizon Widget app, and the Verizon support app.

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Google has started rolling out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for its Nexus range of devices.

The devices which are touted to receive the update include Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 10. The update comes a few days after the Android 4.4.1 KitKat was accomplished. Now it is important to know the relevant features of the update.

Google had introduced its Android 4.4 KitKat at the end of October. The Android 4.4 KitKat was to replace the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS platform for different Android Devices. The Android 4.4 KitKat was not a very huge update which intends to replace the very popular OS platform of the search engine giant. The Android 4.4 KitKat update brings along with itself a number of its enhancements and additions.


Google had stated that the update will be rolled out for Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10. A few days later the update started rolling and Nexus devices became the only Smartphone to feature the latest version of Android OS. Post Android 4.4 Kit Kat update a number of users started to complain about a number of bugs which started cropping up after the update. There is nothing extraordinary about this since it happens all the time whenever any OS Platform which has been upgraded by a new one. It takes some time before the new OS platform stabilizes.

The bugs were significant and forced Google to release a new update which took care of the bugs in the form of Android 4.4.1 update which started rolling out for Nexus users. The Android 4.4.1 update was not only meant to add a camera to the features of Nexus 5 but also tackled a number of bugs which had cropped after the Android 4.4 KitKat update.

It was a bit of surprise when Google introduced the Android 4.4.2 KitKat, a brand new update for Nexus users.

Also for those Nexus users who have not downloaded the 4.4.1 KitKat update will Android 4.4.2 KitKat update instead of Android 4.4.1 KitKat.

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LG is not one of those companies which have a good record in rolling out updates for its devices for its Android operated Smartphone and tablets. Even the latest LG G2 is no exception and is also the flagship of the LG. However it is also waiting for the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Updates. When Nexus devices and even the HTC One is being upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat levels we still have a really good Smartphone which is still waiting for a version of the previous Android OS platform. However thankfully today there is some good news for the owners of LG G2.

The rumor started that Android 4.4 KitKat would arrive for the international LG G2 in November or December. The rumor was traced to the French carrier SFR which revealed that Android 4.4 KitKat will start rolling out for the LG G2 in November or December. However the statement was quickly removed just as it appeared. Now just as the report was over the air another report confirmed that the company and carrier are on track for a January release date KitKat update for LG G2.

android kitkat

A number of devices have already received their Android 4.4 KitKat updates and this includes Moto X, HTC One, and some Galaxy S4 Smartphone. It was therefore natural for LG G2 users to yearn for the Android 4.4 KitKat version to feature on their device especially since the G2 has been hailed as one of the finest Smartphone in the world today.

There is another rumor this time from a Canadian carrier which promised an Android 4.4 KitKat OS rollout for the G2 in the first Quarter.  This means the update can happen any time in between January 2014 and March 2014. So LG G2 fans become excited though we’re now hearing that the rollout can happen sometime in January.

Now the French carrier SFR has revealed that Android 4.4 KitKat will start rolling out for the LG G2 in January. This means that the carrier knows something about the updates and this had caused the erroneous report in the beginning and it has been rectified in the latest statement.

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Worried about losing your expensive smartphone? Not anymore. Smartphone maker HTC has come up with a mobile tracking device named Fetch that will enable the users to track their device on Google Maps and warn them whenever they leave their devices behind.

Describing this all new tracking device from HTC, the HTC India’s Country Head Faisal Siddiqui said: “You will never lose your HTC phone if you have Fetch. This can be paired (connected wirelessly) with any HTC One series phone. As soon as an HTC One owner walks 10 meters beyond the phone, both device and phone will start ringing. An e-mail will immediately go on his mail showing the location of the phone on Google Maps.”


The brand new tracking device from HTC was launched last Friday along with the HTC One Max. The HTC One Max, which was launched for a whopping price of Rs. 61,490, is now available at Rs. 56,490; while the customers shall have to pay an additional Rs. 2, 500 for Fetch.

Siddiqui confirmed that the device uses the Global Positioning System (GPS), Assisted GPS and mobile-tower triangulation technology to detect a phone’s location. It will literally be almost impossible for someone to walk away stealthily with a user’s HTC One Max because the phone has a finger scanner and will open only after recognizing the owner’s fingerprint. “A thief will not be able unpair Fetch from HTC One Max as his fingerprint will not match. This will not allow him to change any setting in the phone,” Siddiqui said.

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The Android 4.4 KitKat has started rolling out for a number of devices. It seems that LG would like to remove its tag as a lethargic company in rollout of softwares. It has already been reported that the LG flagship G2 will receive its Android 4.4 KitKat updates most probably next year in the month of December. However, the update is going to be rolled out earlier for the earlier versions of Optimus G and it will arrive much quicker than it was predicted.

The news has been confirmed by none other than LG electronics and has been confirmed by it on Facebook. According to a statement by LG, the Optimus G will be getting its Android 4.4 KitKat from today. However as usual LG will be releasing the update in the most unusual of all the places- ? The update is rolling out to Elisa customers over near the UK in Estonia, a few clicks below Finland. The details have been confirmed by the company yesterday and the roll-out is taking place today.


It was the French carrier SFR which first made the claim that a release is in offing in October. However the report was removed as quickly as it appeared. However it did send the rumor mills swirling furiously and the news that the Android 4.4 Kitkat release was expected soon. However no one had reasoned in their wildest dreams that this will happen so quickly. After translating the Facebook entry which was in Estonean it was revealed that the Optimus G in Estonia was receiving its Android 4.4 KitKat updates.

The LG Optimus was the flagship of LG last year and it is really astonishing that it will be getting the Android 4.4 Kitkat updates before current flagship, the LG G2. There has been no news from LG and it also proves that other regions will be getting the same updates very soon. Users of the device in US will have to wait for a couple of months before the roll-out of the updates. Approval of the updates takes a long time in US and includes a couple of months of testing stage by carriers.

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The last few days saw many HTC Android 4.4 KitKat updates being revealed and they have been teasing the users and ballooning expectations with release periods for carriers and devices. Here are the details of the HTC’s Android 4.4 KitKat update plans for users around the world.

Right after the announcement of the Android 4.4 KitKat bu Google, HTC went on an overdrive and released a schedule for upgrading a number of its devices. The HTC One Google Edition was supposed to be upgraded in 15 days while the HTC One Developer Edition and unlocked HTC One were given a 30 days period to complete the rollout. For the regular HTC One users in the US HTC promised an update by the end of January and HTC has been sticking to its schedule till now.

htc one mini

The other HTC device users should not be disappointed since HTC has announced a schedule for these devices also and it includes updates for the HTC One Max, HTC One mini and the Droid DNA.The Droid DNA will be receiving its Android 4.4 KitKat update in the first quarter of this year. Dates of the rollout for the other devices have not been announced.

One particular situation interests me and it is the fact that already Google is rolling out the Android 4.4.1 and Android 4.4.2 updates. Rumors suggest that HTC One GE will not be getting Android 4.4.1 KitKat but it will be getting Android 4.4.2 KitKat instead. It is the same update which has been rolled out for Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 devices. There has been no comment from HTC on this matter but it is possible that HTC could skip the Android 4.4.1 KitKat for the latest update. The HTC One Google Play edition users can expect the latest version of the Android platform and it is likely to rollout the Android 4.4.1 KitKat for the latest version.

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>Even after the iOS 7.0.4 patch update release for iPad, the software bugs and performance issues are still troubling many users all over the world.

It is said that Apple is still struggling to fix some of the major issues prevailing in iOS 7 powered devices, so users can expect another major version update i.e. iOS 7.1 which will address number of bugs and will bring performance enhancements to the devices.

The recent leaks from an Apple developer indicates that Apple is aggressively working on iOS 7.1 update and has planned to release it in first quarter of 2014. The beta 1 version of iOS 7.1 has already been released for developers.

Apple released the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, and iPad Mini with Retina Display initially with the iOS7 pre-installed whereas the iOS7 was made available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad earlier generations, iPod Touch and iPad Mini first generation as a free OTA update.

iOS 7.1 beta 1 includes a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements.As in case of iPad, it includes a tweaked closing animation in pinch-to-close gesture.

The iOS 7.1 is going to be the only major version update for this fascinating OS and it is expected that Apple will preview the first look of iOS 8 at WWDC next year. However, as of now iOS 7.1 is in pictures for users like you and me . Here are few new features that you will actually notice in the iOS 7.1 update release.

Dark Keyboard

With iOS 7.1 users can switch to a dark layout of keyboard if white keyboard is not that comfortable for them.


Improved Contrasts

Another new Accessibility option added to the iOS 7.1 beta essentially darkens the entire OS by giving users the options to Reduce Transparency, turning the dock and folder backgrounds a dark grey. You can choose to darken colors in iOS 7.1 too.

Burst Photo Uploads

Burst mode on the iPhone 5s is awesome for making sure you capture the perfect moment with a machine gun barrage of frames, but also those burst mode scenes eat up storage. Now you can choose whether or not to upload Burst Mode Photos to your PhotoStream.

There are many other minor features being introduced in iOS 7.1 beta. The final version will bring more features onboard. You can find more details in release notes below.

iOS 7.1 Release Notes

iOS SDK 7.1 provides support for developing iOS apps, and it includes the complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating apps for iOS and OS X. These tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool, among many others.

With this software you can develop apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 7. You can also test your apps using the included iOS Simulator, which supports iOS 7. iOS SDK 7.1 requires a Mac computer running OS X v10.8.4 (Mountain Lion) or later.

This version of iOS is intended for installation only on devices registered with the Apple Developer Program. Attempting to install this version of iOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state.

For more information and additional support resources, visit

Bug Reporting

To report any bugs not mentioned in the Notes and Known Issues section, use the Apple Bug Reporter on the Apple Developer website ( Additionally, you may discuss these issues and iOS SDK 7.1 in the Apple Developer Forums: To get more information about iCloud for Developers, go to

Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using iOS SDK 7.1 to develop code.


Known Issue

32-bit apps running on a 64-bit device cannot attach to BTServer.


Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

Previously, if the server-side closed an HTTP request with TCP FIN without sending any bytes of HTTP header or HTTP body, NSURLConnection would synthesize an empty HTTP/1.1 200 OK response. This is now fixed, and the request will result in an error instead of a successful load with a synthesized response.


A new compatibility behavior has been added to address an issue where some web servers would send the wrong Content-Length value for “Content-Encoding: gzip” content. Previously, NSURLConnection and NSURLSession would send a “network connection was lost” / NSURLErrorNetworkConnectionLost (-1005) error in this situation.

The compatibility behavior applies only if the Content-Length value exactly matches the expanded gzip’d content. It won’t apply for “off by 1” or similar miscounting.

Core Text

Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

Previously, text drawn with CTFrameDraw did not correctly place lines to account for the paragraphSpacing attribute of NSParagraphStyle. This has been addressed in iOS 7.1 beta.

Crash Logs

Known Issue

Crash logs will not appear in Diagnostics & Usage Data in Settings. The logs will still be available when synced off the device.


Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

If loaded with GLKTextureLoader, pngcrush images that have alpha were not unpremultiplied.

High Precision Timers

Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

When sleeping or waiting for extremely precise time intervals, timers were delayed by up to 1 millisecond.


Known Issue

Loading an iTunes Match library (or your purchased music history) may take much longer than expected, especially on larger libraries. If your library does not sync right away, please wait 30 minutes and try to access it again.

Multipeer Connectivity

Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta

The MCSessioninitWithPeer: method has now been implemented properly.

For more information on MCSession APIs, watch WWDC 2013: Nearby Networking with Multipeer Connectivity.


Known Issues

If a UITextField or a UILabel that is baseline aligned with constraints has attributes that change after the constraints have been added, the layout may be incorrect. The exception to this is -setFont: on UILabel, which should work as expected.

Workaround: Avoid making changes in UITextField or UILabel after adding baseline-alignment constraints. If you must make changes, you should remove the constraints and then reapply them afterward. Note that this is a performance hit, so don’t do it unless it is necessary.

The backIndicatorTransitionMask from a storyboard or a xib will not be interpreted correctly at runtime.

Workaround: Set the backIndicatorTransitionMask in code.

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A couple of weeks ago Apple had released the iOS 7.0.4 update for the Apple devices which are hooked on to the latest iOS 7. The iOS 7.0.4 represents the latest update for the iOS 7 and different variants of  iPad or iPod. However, the woes of the Apple device users who have upgraded to iOS 7 have not been fully taken care of and US owners of the devices are wondering about their distant future as well as the immediate state.

Apple launched a slew of product in September and it included the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the software update iOS 7. The iOS 7 was a big happening since it was after a very long time that Apple had upgraded it operating platform. The iOS 7 was not only meant for iPhone users but also for iPad users. The iOS 7 brought a deluge of changes never seen before along with a number of new features.


Apple iOS 7 represents one of the most comprehensive changes to the Apple’s iOS platform. The user interface, the icons, the core applications have been massively rebuilt. Now the revamp has brought relief or problem is another question. However the OS has been lapped up by eager iOS fans and the adoption rate of the iOS & by Apple device owners have been 75%. It is not a bad showing for a mobile OS which has been launched only for a few months.

New iOS 7 represents the biggest change to Apple’s iOS operating system since, well, ever. The user interface, icons, and core applications have been revamped for better or worse and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners from all over of the world have installed the software at an impressive rate. The software is currently hovering around a 75% adoption rate, not bad for a piece of mobile software that has only been available for a few months.


The iOS 7 was launched and immediately it was stung with a number of bugs which Apple tried to solve through software updates including iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.0.3 and most recently, iOS 7.0.4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iOS 7 issues were many and the largest number of issues were happening with iPad users. The bugs include lag issues that are affecting the user interface. Apple has assured the iPad owners with a brand new iOS 7.1 update though it is not clear when it will be released.

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Google launched their latest version of Android 4.4 Kitkat a few months back.

Until now it is only available for Google’s Nexus range of devices and Motorola X. Google launched their flagship phone Nexus 5 with Android Kitkat 4.4 pre-installed in it. Other Nexus devices like Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 also got their software updates as Google is very quick providing them to their flagship devices. After using latest Android Kitkat 4.4, some of their users had some issues with this version and they were waiting for Google to launch new update which will include bug fixes and stability. As per their expectation Nexus users quickly received 4.4.1 update for their devices from Google.

After recent update launch of 4.4.1 Kitkat, surprisingly Google started rolling out new Android 4.4.2 Kitkat update for Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and all the Nexus Tablets.

The 4.4.1 Kitkat update was mainly for Nexus 5 camera improvements like faster focusing especially in low light, faster white balancing, for truer colors, the ability to pinch-zoom the viewfinder in HDR+ mode and less shutter lag.

This new 4.4.2 update brings Fix for clearing the VM Indicator, fix for delivery of the VM Indicator, various additional software fixes and some security enhancements in all Nexus Devices. The Android 4.4.2 update has build number KOT49H.


The problem is most of the Nexus users are still using 4.4 version of kitkat, some received 4.4.1 update and using this version now. But now latest version is 4.4.2, those who are familiar with nexus and how to update it got their device updated by side loading official OTA file which is available on Google servers. Most of the Nexus users are not aware of side loading OTA zip file. Normally they update their devices when it is available via OTA service in phone setting – about phone – check for updates menu. But update takes time to come in that menu. Google releases the OTA files first on their servers. So it is the quickest way to update your device.

Here are links from where you can download OTA file for your Nexus Device. Please check out the build number before installing.

Nexus 4

Nexus 5

Nexus 10

Nexus 7 2012 Wi-Fi

Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi

Nexus 2013 LTE

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Apple has recently launched its release of the iOS7. There are many things in the market going on for the release of the new iOS. People are speaking out that this is better than previous iOS of Apple but still falling short in several areas.

Android will always remain Android, there is no match of Android, and not even Apple can match the fact. Here are some of the reasons why Android is better than iOS7.


1. With Android, you will get endless options of sharing and with us, you will get few basic choices like mail, message, Facebook, flicker and Facebook, some of them are not even more popular. In Android, you will get plenty of options you can share your things with every app you have installed.

2. With the Android, you will get more and much better typing experiences though there is no complaint about iOS7. With the Android, you can replace the default keyboard with any other third party alternative like swipe.

3. With Android, you are going to get more customization options and sky is the limit, you can alter anything you want with Android, if you want you can even download an iOS7 theme on your Android devices.

4. When you will connect your Android phone with PC than you can easily have access to all the files with clear visibility just like similar to the computers. It’s easy as dragging and dropping. With Apple, you will not get this feature.

5. Android smartphones are much better when it comes to the notification center. When you will see any notification on your Android phones, you can take any action without the need of opening it. With iOS7, you cannot do that.

6. The Android operating system can automatically import all of your photos for contacts or you are allowed to set them.

7. With Android, you can share Android running tablet with everyone, your coworkers or family members. You can set different accounts on one device and limit the information to the users you want to see. This is not possible with iPad.

8. Android has no concern where your music is coming from. If you want to load music on your Apple devices than you will particularly go to iTunes to load all the songs. If you will need to access your photo then you will need a photo.

9. The Android Google play store not only offers you with quality apps but also you will get a huge variety of applications as compared to the apple store.

10. On most of the Android phones you can unlock all devices to any of your desired application which saves a lot of time then you always want.

These are the few features of the Android phones, which makes it better than the ice. There are several other features, which make it better over apple iOS7. Other features include phone unlock options. These are the features of the Android that make it the most popular of all the platforms. Apple is having everything restricted and confined to Apple, which is not appreciable for users.

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In its thirst of acquisitions, Facebook offered three billion dollars to buy Snapchat, but the CEO of Snapchat clearly turned down the offer.

And People are wondering why Facebook is so much interested in buying Snapchat? There may be a variety of reasons for this! Snapchat is a popular messaging service that allows its users to send message bombs which explodes and deletes the message after few seconds when receiver reads it.

Snapchat specializes in features such as text and photographs and mobile messages that will disappear in just few seconds.  Surprisingly, this service has not generated any revenues from its 30 million and growing user base till date. It is especially popular among teenagers who are using this application to send messages to their friends without being concerned of their privacy getting compromised with copy of message getting saved somewhere else.


Why Facebook is interested?

According to teenagers, Facebook was very cool when it was launched. Facebook got popular very soon and is used by billion of users today. However, Facebook’s privacy issues and available alternatives are making users think twice before doing something on Facebook. Also, presence of parents and teachers is also making their virtual lives insecure. Teenagers need privacy, which they are not getting on Facebook. Their relative’s brothers and sisters, everybody can see their activities, which is not preferable by any of them. Somewhere, this privacy problem is getting sorted out by Snapchat and thus Facebook is very furious about buying this one to add something new and attract users to Facebook.

According to some journals, young teenagers use Snapchat on a daily basis which has become one of the reason of lesser activity on Facebook. Snapchat is not making business, it is just growing its users’ business and getting popular all over. According to the trusted sources from Facebook, this deal has been finalized on three billion dollars price.

What you can do with Snapchat?

There are many things which users can do with this next generation app apart from sending goofy pictures to your friends. According to the CEO of Snapchat, people are also using this app for work. You take pictures and make videos on your smart phones, send it to your friends and it will disappear in a few seconds. Statistics show that, there are millions of people using this app and over 350 million messages are getting exchanged daily.

Facebook was a very popular social networking site, still it is not at the level it began with. More and more exciting applications are enticing youth of the world. No one wants to share their private things like messages, photos etc on the social networks where their parents as well as grandparents are present. When Facebook arrived, it was a high fever but slowly it lost its charm due to privacy issues. After all who would like their secrets getting explored by others. Snapchat is perfect for teenagers where messages only live for a short span of time. This is the reason why Facebook is interested in purchasing Snapchat.

Can buying a Snapchat will help Facebook improve its popularity. What you think? Let us know in comments below.

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iOS 7 is the recent major release of the iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple. iOS 7 is pre-installed on the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c devices and it is available as a free upgrade for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch and the iPad 2, iPad and iPad mini.

iOS 7 launched with 64-bit support, Touch ID fingerprint sensing, Camera image stabilization, Burst Mode and Slow-Mo video recording features. After the release of iOS 7, users had few issues with this new operating system but the best thing of iOS is that you can jailbreak your device and fix these problems. After recent launch of iOS 7 its jailbreak is still not available, but developers are working on it. We will get a jailbreak of iOS 7 early into 2014.


What we should expect from iOS 7 jailbreak

iPhone 5S camera features

Latest iPhone 5S launched with iOS 7 and it has best camera functions till now. Camera application has burst mode, auto image stabilization, square photos, panorama and filters make the photo-taking experience that much more effective. Other iPhone device already received iOS 7 update but Camera functions are not up to the mark in these older version. We hope that iOS 7 jailbreak will feature some better camera functions like iPhone 5S for older model of iPhone.

Widgets and Notification

iOS 7 has the new Notification Center but most of the users didn’t liked it. This new notification center has more features that are useful but that makes it complicated. Simple old Notification Center was better than this one. I am sure that developers will take notice and jailbreak will come with the old simplified notification center and Widgets.

Control Center

iOS 7 includes awesome control center but unlike Android the iOS Control Center is locked against editing. In the iOS 7 jailbreak they should add iPhone and iPad users to customize toggle keys as they like. Customizing the control center would be very effective and useful in iOS devices.


iOS 7 is equipped with multitasking which allows you to switch between apps and stop any unwanted running app. In iOS 7 you had to swipe up to kill app in multitasking this is the only way to do it. iOS user expecting more smoother or speedier ways of pulling up or down and killing apps. We hope that the simple jailbreak launch will fix this.


iOS 7 has new AirDrop feature which allows device users to share files wirelessly. But this feature is limited only to the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5. Jailbreak will come with this feature which will work on older apple devices like iPhone 4s.

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The HTC Droid DNA 4.2 Jelly Bean Update has finally got the technical nod from Verizon and will start rolling out.

The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Sense 5 update could start from tomorrow if we go by HTC statement.

HTC had promised at the beginning of 2013 that it will roll out the 4.2 Jelly Bean and Sense 5 to Droid DNA owners. The company had revealed that it will start the rollout of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean by the end of September. However this rollout did not happen and HTC again rescheduled the rollout to December. The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean along with the Sense 5 will start rolling out tomorrow for Droid DNA owners

Since the announcement of the rescheduling of the rollouts, nothing much was heard about the updates. Today finally the news was confirmed by none other than HTC’s Executive Director of Product Management Mohammed Versi, who confirmed that HTC has obtained approval from Verizon to start the rollout of Android 4.25 Jelly Bean along with Sense 5 for DNA Droid and the process can happen as early as tomorrow. In practice Verizon usually does not confirm release dates ahead and this means that the update will take a few more days before it reaches the users.

Having said that it is a welcome relief for Droid DNA users who had been waiting for a agonizing period for the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update to arrive. The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update will replace the older version of the OS while the Sense 5 will replace the earlier User Interface, the Sense 4+.

On a positive note, HTC has promised that the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean will not be the last roll out for the DNA Droid devices and plans are in place to rollout the Android 4.4 KitKat OS sometime in 2014. However, HTC has not released any time table for the rollouts.

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iOS is a foundation of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. It includes collection of different apps that makes your everyday life easier and filled with fun.

iOS 7 is the major release of the iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple after the great success of iOS 6. It was announced at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2013, and was released in September 2013. iOS 7 is designed to take full advantage of the advanced technologies built into Apple hardware.


iOS 7

iOS 7 is pre-installed on the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c devices and it is available as a free upgrade for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch and the iPad 2, iPad and iPad mini. This iOS 7 includes features 64-bit support, Touch ID fingerprint sensing, Camera image stabilization, Burst Mode and Slow-Mo video recording.
After the release of iOS 7, users had few issues with this new operating system, but apples quick updates have already fixed those. Users discovered passcode issue in iOS 7, they were able to access photos and email on a device even when protected by a passcode. These issues were solved with the release of iOS 7.0.2. Users also experienced issues with iMessages in iOS 7, Apple developed iOS 7.0.3 update and fixed that problem in late October. That release also had a number of other issues, including an accelerometer calibration problem on the iPhone 5s. iOS 7.0.4 is Apple’s current version of iOS 7 arrived in mid-November, bringing a fix for an issue with FaceTime calling. Apple is currently working new upcoming iOS 7.1 update.

iOS 7.1 update

Apple iOS 7.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will be the next update for apple users, there is still no release date attached to the software. After the latest iOS update 7.0.4 users are still facing some issues. This update still has some random reboot problem and some bug issues which should be fixed by apple. Users are expecting new update as soon as possible. Apple already announced that new 7.1 iOS update will roll out in few weeks. iOS 7.1 update will bring stability and performance boost in the apple devices. After this update if there will be amount of bugs still on board software, then some maintenance updates are expected from Apple.

In mid of 2014 Apple will release iOS 8. As the old software updates new software will bring new problems and as usual apple will keep releasing new updates to solve those problems. Apple users are expecting more stable future with this new iOS and waiting to launch it soon.

Let’s check out current apple phones and their updates


The iPhone 5S is Apple’s latest iPhone with all the new features. This is the first ever 64 bit processor in a phone. This phone is created to go beyond the boundaries of technology, the iPhone 5S from Apple becomes a very important part of your life. Powerful hardware with software designed to change the way smartphones work. IPhone 5S is supplied with iOS 7 and owners don’t have to worry about upcoming updates. As it is the latest phone of apple released this year, owners will get iOS update till 2016 and it will work fine on the IPhone 5S.


IPhone 5C is one of two successors to the iPhone 5, along with its higher-end iPhone 5S. IPhone 5C is a stylized IPhone with a premium creation in the world of smartphones. Apple launched the much-awaited iPhone 5C that features the superfine design that Apple is famous for with different colors and functions. This phone is cheaper in price. Like IPhone 5S this phone is also launched with iOS 7. As its configuration is less with compared to IPhone 5S, users should expect iOS 8 update next year and hope that iOS 9 will work on this device.


IPhone 5 launched with iOS 6 in September 2012 and it was another success story of Apple. This phone received iOS 7 as first major update. According to Apple’s policy, the iPhone 5 will get iOS 8 and iOS 9. Users expecting all Features with the iOS 8 and iOS 9 updates for this phone.


IPhone 4s is the first iPhone which has a Retina Display. This IPhone is launched with iOS 5 then it is upgraded with iOS 6 and iOS 7.This IPhone is still being sold in market, as this device received 2 major updates users should expect only one more that is iOS 8 update for this IPhone.


The iPhone 4 received iOS 7 this year. This iOS 7 update was likely its last update. IPhone 4 is older device with low configuration compared to new IPhone devices so it is best for this device to end it on this update.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally going to get its Android 4.3 update in the US. The update has been rolled out for Galaxy S4 users attached to AT&T along with the US Cellular carrier. Details of the Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update has once again appeared on the on U.S. Cellular’s website today along with a new build which users can download.

The US Cellular had started rolling out the Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. The update also carries Galaxy Gear support and Samsung KNOX. The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is the last iteration of the Jelly Bean version and will replace the power guzzling Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS on which the Galaxy S4 has been based till now.
galaxy s4
However just after the rollout started it was learnt that AT&T Galaxy S4 update has been halted . Soon it was learnt that U.S. Cellular Galaxy S4 update was halted. Carriers have also confirmed that the updates have been halted though it is still not clear why Samsung has halted the rollout of the updates.

A couple of days ago, the AT&T Galaxy S4 Android4.3 update have started rolling again though the rollout by US Cellular has not started or it seems so. However today the carrier is boldly displaying that Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update is available.

However the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean which is being rolled out is different from the earlier version and has been christened R970TYUEMK2. It could be akin to the I337UCUEMK2 build which was rolled out by AT&T for its Galaxy S4 users who have been hooked to the carrier. Samsung’s website has maintained a stoic silence though it has said that the latest update is the old R970VXUAMJA build. However the most important thing is that the US Cellular Galaxy S4 users are receiving the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. This is going to be the last major Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean rollout since AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have all rolled out Galaxy S4 updates.

Looking at the problem ridden rollout of the Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update in the US, it seems that US Cellular users of the Galaxy S4 will b doubly careful while uploading the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean software.

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The web has been enamored by the launch of the Android 4.4 KitKat OS and a huge space has been devoted in dissecting the latest Android OS iteration. However not many are looking at the bugs which have been springing up in devices such as Nexus 5, Nexus 4 or Nexus 7. Most users of the above devices have been facing problems and all are desperately hoping for the next update, the Android 4.4.1 KitKat to be rolled out soon and take care of these bugs. However Google has maintained a stoic silence and users are left to seek temporary solutions to these problems from unofficial sources with its risks galore.

The run up to the launch of the next version of the Android 4.4 OS was long and eventful. The next iteration of the Android OS was called Key Lime Pie but the Search engine giant preferred the Chocolate wafer KitKat as the name for the next iteration of Android OS version. The Android 4.4 KitKat was to replace the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OSD platform. After a period of uncertainty, Google started to roll out the KitKat updates for its devices like Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 starting in the latter half of November. Once the smoke and the dust associated with the KitKat upgrade had settled down it became evident that there are some bugs which were being faced with Nexus device users.

android kitkat

Earlier also Nexus 4 users were also facing some issues which required a few updates to be removed. The past few days there has been disturbing talks of bugs faced by Nexus device users after the KitKat upgrade. A few days ago there were reports that Nexus 7 was facing some playback issues and it seemed to be hurting video performance on Google’s 7-inch slate. There has been a fall in FPS after the upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat and till date there has been no answer to these bugs. Different Android forums have also been sizzling with news that Nexus 5, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 are facing terrible Exchange bug that is not only affecting their email but for some, is draining the battery life on their device.

All these issues must be uppermost in the mind of Google and it must be racing with the first Android 4.4.1 KitKat update so that these issues are taken care of.