Kindle Fire HD Features : Amazon Tablet’s Quick Review on Ups & Downs

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD has numerous remarkable improvements as compared to its earlier versions. Some of the notable features of Kindle Fire HD include

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD has numerous remarkable improvements as compared to its earlier versions.

Some of the notable features of Amazon Kindle Fire HD  include

  • A better definition display- The Kindle Fire HD has a display with a 720p resolution (1280X800). Removing the air gap between the LCD on the bottom and the touch sensor on the top of the display has led to 25% less glare.
  • HD camera in the front- An important improvement from the earlier versions, enabling the use of Skype with Kindle Fire
  • Bigger storage capability of up to 32GB- As compared to the earlier version, there has been a 400% increase from 8GB to 32 GB storage capacity.
  • Dual antennas enables quicker downloads- For the first time a Tablet is available with Wi-Fi Dual Band, dual antenna enabling 41% faster downloads as compared to iPad 3 and 51% faster as compared to Google Android OS equipped Nexus 7.
  • Introduction of the 8.9 inch model
  • 3G and 4G LTE wireless connectivity capability
  • Dual speakers- Dual-driver stereo speakers for virtual surround sound
  • Better Battery Life- 11 hours of battery life which is a big jump from 3 hours from the previous model

kindle fire hd 89 Kindle Fire HD Features : Amazon Tablets Quick Review on Ups & Downs

Notwithstanding these features there are many downsides of the device from Kindle Fire HD. Some of the features which needs to be improved includes-

  • No Expandable memory- No slot for a SD card. Though the storage capacity is 32 GB still it would have been better if there was a provision for expandable memory. However the provision for unlimited space for Amazon content on their cloud makes up to this drawback to a certain extent
  • No rear camera – Absence of the rear camera makes it impossible to take pictures in the front. However it would look a bit out of place to take pictures with a Tablet.
  • No GPS – The Tablet can do a great job as a GPS and it would have been nice if Kindle Fire HD had this feature.
  • Camera Picture Quality wanting- The picture quality demands improvement. The pictures are grainy especially in dim light.
  • No NFC – A feature which is available in Nexus 7 Tablet is absent in the Kindle Fire HD.
  • No Siri like feature – Featured in the iPad 3 and also in Samsung Galaxy S 3 and Galaxy Note 2 as S Voice.

However most of the drawbacks can be steered around with features and applications. In conclusion the Kindle Fire HD more than compensates the drawbacks with its features and economical price.

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