Samsung Galaxy Note 2 US Release Date: AT&T and Sprint Releasing Quad-Core LTE phablet on 25th October for $299

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be releasing in US on 24th October in a special press event and will be made available from 25th October by AT&T and Sprint.

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It’s confirmed now, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be releasing in US on 24th October in a special press event planned by Samsung. The phone will be made available to order from 25th October by all five major carriers of US.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to be the first quad-core 4G LTE phone carried by Sprint on its superfast LTE network. Sprint will offer Galaxy Note 2 to its customers from 25th October for $299 with 2 year service contract. The phone will support Sprint’s unlimited data on LTE plan and will ship with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and Samsung’s customized TouchWiz UI to take advantage of digital S-Pen.

The Galaxy Note 2 will be available in Marble White and Titanium Gray for Sprint customers. It will be featuring the latest security features for securely synchronizing the corporate email, contacts, schedules and other such sensitive data.

Galaxy Note 2 front Samsung Galaxy Note 2 US Release Date: AT&T and Sprint Releasing Quad Core LTE phablet on 25th October for $299

Galaxy Note 2 is also arriving on AT&T’s LTE network on 25th October for $299 with service agreement. The Galaxy Note 2 is reportedly having the same configuration for both Sprint and AT&T. Galaxy Note 2 features a large 5.55-inch Super AMOLED HD display screen with 1280-by-720 pixel resolution, 8 Megapixel primary camera, 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera, 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16/32/64GB memory variants, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a massive 3100 mAh battery, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and S-Pen.

The Galaxy Note 2 will be put for pre-orders from 25th October and expected to start shipping from 2nd November onwards. If you can’t wait for the official release of Galaxy Note 2, you can buy the international Galaxy Note 2 unlocked version from for $695 only. The unlocked Galaxy Note 2 works perfectly with all network carriers in US. Check the $695 unlocked Samsung Galaxy note 2 for sale on Amazon here. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 US Release Date: AT&T and Sprint Releasing Quad Core LTE phablet on 25th October for $299

So, are you planning to buy Galaxy Note 2? Share your views about this large screen phablet with us in comments.

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  • Sonny Wu

    Forget the I-phone, buy this all in one micro nano computer

  • Dee

    AT&T is acting dumb and saying they don’t know anything about preorders and don’t have the phone?!?!? What gives anyone flea try to go through AT&T and getting the same response?!?!?!

  • kelly

    why buy it from Sprint for 4299 when Best Buy has it for $199

  • jake

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 US Release Date is 24 i work in at&t
    But i got the phone 5 days befor it come out :-)

    • Sonny Wu

      You can dump that i5 in few months, Apple will give you a wider screen display, SORRY ! Thats how Apple get you , remember how Apple SCREWED you guys on i4 , few months they launch the i4S……your fullish Apple’s Billions$$$$$$$$$$

  • Peg C.

    I have to replace my iPhone 3GS and always thought it would be the iPhone 5 (I skipped the 4) – then the GS3 turned my head. Now I have my heart set on the Note 2! Everything I see in the video reviews and comparisons convince me it’s the right way to go. Can’t wait!

  • Wes

    Actually the reason he even inserted the Amazon price is because Amazon paid him to do so. There’s even an invitation to click on to go to Amazon. It’s paid advertising from Amazon.

  • Tuni

    I simply can’t believe this. In the article it states that the Galaxy Note 2, that is available on Amazon, can be used on any U.S. Carriers. BUT I thought that Verizon has different bands, and therefor it will not work. Someone please clarify this for me! Thanks.

    • Olivier Boss

      International version is GSM (i.e., the only world-wide standard), and will work in the US only with T-Mobile and AT&T networks.
      Other US carriers (Verizon, Sprint, others) use their own, local, non-GSM technologies and necessitate their own, customized phones (no SIM cards).

  • Lou Sullivan

    I was jsut told my the Manager of my local AT&T store that this is not going to come out for TWO WEEKS after the launch date on AT&T per his Samsung rep. But that could change he said…..sigh.

  • kingmaster

    This is true people like this helped me completely waist my time ordering from UK now im playing hell trying to return it. By saying it works when it doesn’t. A car can move with flat tires but thats doesn’t mean it works.

  • Iron Sherm-Man

    LMAO AT SPRINTS SUPER FAST NETWORK!!!!!!!! They need to stop it…

  • Jake

    I can’t believe ATT is charging 300 bucks subsidized this time around on the note. It was a different market when the first one was released. Now there are several phones on the radar which will be more or less direct competition for it.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying a markup for the phone I want now. What concerns me is that this phone is going to sell many millions of units. Maybe next year, bolstered by their success, ATT will charge 300 for the S4 and then 400 for the note III. Unlocked versions of the Iphone 5 are selling for more than the Note 2, so I can only think this is greed on the part of the carriers. Nice, as is the cut in return time incase you don’t like them. Cellular carriers are getting out of control.

  • jimmy trott

    im a little confused so is the phone released on 10/25/12 or is it just for pre orders i am so stoked about this phone i have been checking google everyday for almost a month on a solid date… but still confused can anybody clear this up for me will the note 2 be at the sprint or at&t stores on 10/25/12 or am i only going to be able to pre order one??? i honestly dont care if at&t or sprint comes out first all i know is whoevers is available the soonest i will leave att as a customer and go straight to the local sprint store to pick one up because i want it like today lol… thanks follow followers

    • Vinnie

      Its suposed to go on pre order on the 25th. I believe they will begin shipping out orders in novenber. So happy to get rid of my Iphone 4. So sick of apple. Might have to toss my Ipad 2 as well.

    • blackbarby

      I called sprint and they will not be doing pre-orders and will have the phone in stores on 10/25/12. This may be why they waited an extra day versus the other companies

  • GOAT

    I am saying bye bye to Apple and picking up the Note 2. Not sure why you would buy the international version because it does not support 4g LTE as Brian stated. I also don’t understand why it is that this phone has been available overseas for almost a month but yet in the US we have to order it and wait for it to be shipped. It is being announced on 10/24 and should be in the stores on the 25th. Now I have to wait until November. I’m not a patient man. I would suggest folks go to youtube and watch some of the videos featuring the Note 2. This phone is brilliant. Blows away the iPhone. I love Apple but they’re falling behind.

    • 3737

      Maybe because the US no longer is a power house country like it used to be :P

  • Lou Sullivan

    I might just have to do my impression of an iPhone groupie in front of my AT&T store when this launches! LOL I WANT THIS PHONE!!!!!!! Looking to ditch my iPhone 3GS!

    • Cheezomlet


  • Steve

    I will be ordering this phone as soon as available. Since the invention of cell phones, this phablet seems to be the most powerful and business capable of any ever brought to market, kudos to Samsung.

  • antonio roman

    also has any one ever heard of att requesting a deposit for a 4th line of service..a buddy of mine from work was telling me that att requires a credit thingy for a 4th line…anyone know if this is true..can’t wait for the galaxy Note 2

  • antonio roman

    so do i purchase one on launch date or do i buy an unlocked international one from amazon for $695 plus shipping…

    • GN2 Super Fan

      I have purchased an unlocked note 2 and this would be the one for me for the next 2 years at least. I am free to use any carrier of my choice and I recommend you the same. Unlock is always best.

      • Meyy

        I have an AT&T phone and my work has given me a sprint phone. Can I buy the unlocked version and use it with either of them ? Or do I have to specify if its sprint or AT&T ahead of time while buying it?

        • JOhn

          No. You cannot use the Amazon version with Sprint and Verizon. This is because Sprint and Verizon will come will pre-installed CDMA chips with their configuration. Also the amazon version does not support LTE which means if you have a data plan, you will be able to use only 3G and not 4G.

          • Meyy

            Thank you John

  • KM Martin

    AT&T isn’t confirmed for any date, so this article leaves me scratching my head. Is it based on what a user heard from someone at an AT&T store? That’s not reliable. I can call 5 different stores and most say they have no date yet; however, one said he thinks it’s the 24th. He obviously wasn’t informed and was referencing the showing date.

    • Iron Sherm-Man

      I called customer service and he says they have no word….He hopes they do soon so he can get some overtime

  • Trece

    Im awaiting on the Galaxy N2 seems like its taking so long but Im enjoying my Galaxy N1 for now

  • Tom

    Come on t mobile. I am waiting for tmobile release date.

  • jimmy

    I’ve been using galaxy note since it came out, such a powerful device. can’t wait to get note 2

  • Andy

    Yeah this guy is horrible, he just reports things he hears as rumors or just to get people to read his stories. If his passion is to things differently, I guess mis-informing and irresponsible journalism is it.

  • Lila

    OMG I have been dying waiting for the release date of this phone. My youngest son decided to toss my Iphone 4 in some water and it totally quit working so I have been out of touch with the world for weeks now. I of course took a look at the Iphone 5 but was so tired of everything on there staying the same. I can not wait to get this amazing phone in my hands. Now to just convince my Husband how awesome it is for next year so that He will get one when its time for His upgrade.

  • yoni

    im 6ft and have been carrying this beast all around and u can see the WOOOW on people faces…phone is awsome///getting 2 days on full charge

  • Cheezomlet

    Yep, counting the days……


    number one in the world, mobile samsung galaxy2…

    • mbabazi

      even me i like it?

  • Larry Klimper

    Quote: “umm i am sorry but this phone is not female-friendly.. may be you should get a smaller phone such as the galaxy s 3″

    The Note 2 WILL be female friendly. The keyboard is able to be reduced in size, and moved to whichever corner of the screen that you desire. The gals should not have a problem with this device.

  • guest

    I spoke with att customer service and they said they have no release date in their system as of now. They said they have some attention note about this device on first week on nov,but no specific date of release.

  • Michelle

    I am anxiously awaiting the note2 phablet. I have been an IPhone user since IPhone was first introduced years ago, and I am ready for a change. Very disappointed in Apple’s new Iphone 5 and don’t see a change from IPhone 4s… so this is my chance to get out. I’ve read many raving reviews about the Galaxy note 2 and I’m anxious to hop on the Android train. I have to admit…I am a little bit nervous about the size because my phone is constantly on me, but reviews I’ve read specified that size was no problem

    • tommy

      umm i am sorry but this phone is not female-friendly.. may be you should get a smaller phone such as the galaxy s 3

      • Cheezomlet

        It is female friendly, has the option for smaller KB for one handed typers…

      • BOBTECH

        why does my girlfriend love her some note then?

      • Tom

        The opposite is true. Women carry purse.

        • blackbarby

          agreed and my hands are average size and the note 1 fit fine. i think rather male or female if your petite or small in stature you may find it a bit big.

      • Mark Slone

        Women will tell you, size matters!

      • blackbarby

        I wouldnt say that its by gender. More depends on usage, hand size, and and as another reader saidhow you will carry it. my husband has smaller hands and its big for him but perfect for me

        • blackbarby

          referring to note 1 as a comparison

    • Sarah

      Ignore the troll and go out and handle the first Note to see how it works for you as far as handling. The N2 is a bit longer and thinner to be more ergonomic for use in one hand. This woman found the size to be perfect and the features were amazing. Definitely make a list of features you need and those you want. This phone had the majority of both and a longer battery life for my requirements. When the N2 is out I recommend you handle it at the store and check the return policy. Most carriers have a 30 day trial period where you can trade out phones but there may be restocking fees. Good luck Michelle. I look forward to programming and testing apps on my new little workhorse!

    • Cheezomlet

      My feelings exactly! Had iPhones since the 2g, using a LG Thrill droid now to brush up on the Android OS. There are a few things to learn when moving from the iPhone…. I still like the iPhone OS better, but once you customize, the Droid is OK

    • Tom

      I own a dell streak 5. Once you get used to larger screens, you wonder how you managed with smaller ones. If you consume lots of content rather than talking, larger screens are more convinient. I used iphone for a few months and sold it on ebay. Useless.

  • BaconMeltW

    I honestly am planning on getting it!!! I have the Note 1 and it the best thing to ever happen to me! best phone ever created, like seriously! the size is perfect, the processor speed is nice, the screen is crystal clear. battery life was meh, hopefully that has improved with the note II. can’t wait for the note II. Everyone join me and get the Note 2, Friends :)

  • Ray

    Yes. Yes. Oh god yes!!!