Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date: AT&T to release Galaxy Note 2 on 25th October

AT&T is also going to offer Galaxy Note 2 from 25th October for $299.99 with 2 year service agreement. Read more details about official announcement inside.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the most talked smartphone currently. It has been launched in some regions of the world already but US is still waiting for its official launch. Samsung has reportedly sent press invites for a 24th October media event where it is going to officially unveil the Galaxy Note 2.

Earlier this month, Samsung has officially announced that all major five carriers of US will offer Galaxy Note 2 on their network. U.S. Cellular was the first network to break silence on Galaxy Note 2 availability by putting it for pre-orders on its official website. Later T-Mobile then Sprint has announced Note 2 availability officially from 25th October i.e. right after the launch event but AT&T and Verizon still silent about when they are going to offer the Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 24 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date: AT&T to release Galaxy Note 2 on 25th October

But recently one of our reader has commented and confirmed that AT&T is also going to offer Galaxy Note 2 from 25th October for $299.99 with 2 year service agreement.

Freddie said, “Spoke with an AT&T rep today. He said they (Galaxy Note 2) will be available on the 25th of this month.”

AT&T has confirmed earlier this month that they are carrying Galaxy Note 2 on their network but didn’t mention any tentative date of launch but it is almost confirmed now – it’s 25th October.

People all getting very much excited about the launch of Galaxy Note 2 as it features a gigantic 5.55-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, 1.6GHz, quad core, ARM Cortex A9 CPU, 16/32/64GB memory variants, 8 Megapixel primary camera, 1.9 megapixel HD front-facing camera, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a massive 3100 mAh battery.

Though the official release of Galaxy Note 2 is still awaited in US, but international version of Galaxy Note 2 Unlocked is available to buy on You can check out the Galaxy Note 2 for Sale here. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date: AT&T to release Galaxy Note 2 on 25th October

Are you going to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Please share your views about this phablet in comments.

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  • Samsung>iGarbage

    OOOMMMGGG, please release it already! God please be true on the 25th, because AT&T my iPhone4 is being traded in for $140 toward this beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note II, never again Apple… Up up and away Samsung, keep on keep’n on! I love it and am so excited I can’t even contain myself!!!

  • Brian Allblackeverything McCle

    Just spoke with
    Verizon via Live Chat, and they confirmed that the Note 2 will be available for
    preorder on October 26th. However, they could not provide me with pricing.

  • lazie

    Please only be $199

  • Jeff Dauby

    Well if “Freddy” said it, then it must be true. Hi I am one of your readers I spoke with an ATT rep today, he said it will come in solid Gold.

  • Otto

    “Freddy”! ho ho ho. My buddy works in an ATT store and kept getting false starts on the Galaxy III release date. I suggest asking Uncle Paul

  • uidezine

    It’s so painful to wait Note 2. Please just release now so that I can sell my not-so-smart-anymore iPhone4S.

  • Gio

    I can’t wait, soon I will have the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 !!!!

  • Jason Sparks

    we have 7800 rollover minutes from the past 10 months. talk? not much. everything else? all. the. time. be so glad to sell my iphone 4 and get a phone that i can actually see text without zoom/scroll/zoom/pan/pan/pan/zoom/pan/pan/pan…

    • Lou Sullivan

      Exactly Jason! I’m in the same boat. I want the GN2 on launch day for AT&T….whenever that ends up beeing.

  • reggie

    i need best buy to say something about it.

  • Meesh

    when is galaxy note 2 coming out from AT&T?

  • Kian

    who is “Freddy?” and what does he mean by “one of our readers”

    I mean how accurate is this article…because if it is innaccurate come the 24th and Samsung comes out saying AT&T will release the phone mid-November….

  • ursula

    I’ve been waiting to get this since this summer when my contract expired! Come on, Verizon!

    • ursula

      And I will happily ditch my iPhone 4 and I don’t even care that all my other computers/devices are Apple. I’m bored and this device has more than enough new stuff on it! The multi-tasking is a major plus!

  • Craig Baker

    Am I crazy or is anyone else super excited to get the Galaxy Note 2. I can’t wait to say good by to my iPhone 4s.

    • EvoBluBalls

      Same here!!!

      • Top2Percent

        same here I cant wait…I will be VERY dissappointed if I cannot get the Note 2 from At&t on the same day if not earlier than other carriers!!

    • mark schotten

      you’re not crazy! I am sitting here debating whether to buy the International version just to get my fix for the next few days! Now I may be crazy cuz i don’t wanna wait to try the device out! That is what I did with the GS3 and lost $100 but yeah…I am nutz!

    • Steve- Construction Contractor

      Same here. I hope Freddy is right and puts the pressure on Verizon to make is available ASAP. Bye, bye Apple!

  • Ron_Swanson

    Freddy got fingered…….

    • swan ronson

      this is hilarious

  • Ja’net Douglas

    So does this mean on the 25 th I will b able to walk in either best buy or AT&T and purchase the phone r is this a preorder date? Thanks.

  • Raghav

    299$ price is fro 16 gb or 32 gb?

    • David

      External Micro SD slot allows up to 64GB which is what I have in my Note. The internal memory is a fixed amount.

      • ursula

        So getting the 32G and expanding it with Micro SC should be fine?

  • Robert Huey

    Who talks on their phone anymore? Not me, unless it is to my folks. Otherwise, I use my phone to text and surf the web, play games, etc. So, my thinking goes, why not get a larger screen…? And so it is. Waiting on the Verizon version since I have the legacy, unlimited-use account. Absolutely hate the description Phablet — but if that is how they are going to describe it, BRING IT ON!

    • Yours truley

      I love the description… I actually call it the Fablet since it is oh so fabulous!

    • SGN2FTW

      That unlimited account will be gone once you move on to another phone; begin a new 2 year plan…just forewarning you, friend.

      • Alex Davis

        Just pay full price and you keep the original plan.

      • veritas

        Are you sure? I got a iPhone 4s back in May, which I returned afterwards. They said I still kept my unlimited data plan.

      • John

        I was going to get a Galaxy S3 but I waited for the Note 2. If I got the GS3, I was able to keep my original unlimited plan and get the discounted phone price if I signed up for a 2 year contract. I’m with AT&T. Maybe other companies are different?

      • Lamchopz3000

        I know that AT&T will allow you to keep your unlimited plan when upgrading/switching iPhone to iPhone but i wasn’t so sure how it would work when switching from iPhone to another smart phone. What I did was go into a AT&T store and asked an employee about it but he didn’t give a straight answer, but he did say he would gladly let me keep it if I came to him when I’m ready to upgrade. What I would reccommend is to call around and ask your local AT&T stores and see what can be done.

        • RoFLCOpterwreck

          You can keep your unlimited data with AT&T when switching from any smartphone to any smartphone.

          I have the original galaxy, purchased the Iphone 5 to sell on Amazon, and switched back to my galaxy in store and kept my unlimited. Can’t wait for the GN2 to come out to ATT!

          With Verizon, when you sign a new 2 year agreement you lose unlimited data. I’ve heard rumors of losing unlimited even if you buy a phone outright.

        • Jeff Deneweth

          with att slowing down data rates after 2G you really dont get unlimited.

      • Jason Sparks

        nah you’ll get to keep your unlimited plan. they have no choice on allowing you to.

    • EvoBluBalls

      I don’t use my phone as well to talk. Just text and surf Internet and music apps. Wish these damn carriers will just offer us text and data plan with no phone service!!! Probably be cheaper to.